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31 October 2014

A dream...!

when my body is in rest.
my eyes see something in the nature nest...!

Sea gulls crying,
fishes pounding happily into the air,
again into the water...!

See i am flying over in the sky,
watching the mother nature...!

Trees everywhere drizzling,
waves kissing the shore...!

Fishermen waiting for the net to be weighed,
but the fishes are somewhere playing...!

What a view from up here,
wish i always had these wings...!

One of my dear,
had a similar dream bringing a smile with tear,
it was crystal clear...!

Destiny is something we are aware of,
we shall dream the gut off,
saving this dream as a memory,
caving this dream as theory...!

Sea gull got the happy fish in the mid air,
one thing is hunger,
and other be an end of life...!

Life is all about dreaming