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15 September 2014

When i'm with you....!!

When i'm With You--
My Eyes Follow Your Moves.
   My Eye Lids freeze out.
      My Cheek Bone Warms Up.
         My Ears are keen at your Voice.
             My Nose Sniff's your Body Odor.
                My Throat hardly remembers thirst.
                   My Lips always get Wet.
                      My Tongue spells your Name as Numerous.
                         My Hands Move in air finding a chance to Touch You.
                             My Shoulder has quite Attraction towards your's.
                         My thigh's intend to Slide beside Yours.
                      My Feet taps to feel your Feet.
                   My Fingers Scribble to Touch your Hair.
                 My Palms struggle to Lock in Yours.
             My Skin suffers from Goosebumps.
          My Head want to Relax in your Laps.
       My Body awaits to Feel the Warmth in/as Your HUG.
    My Pulse want you to hear my Heart Beat.
  My Heart jumps with Joy every-millisecond.
My Heart Beat states a Gradual increase.

                       My Soul alarms me to keep you safe in my Heart <3 <3

 When i'm with you... 

                               I am just with you....

                                                                   My Love <3