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5 September 2014

what is the moral u got?

Today i was sitting in the bus as on the way to Uppal. The driver weighed on the break pedal with due respect on Red signal near Lumbini park. 
All of a sudden, a guy standing in front of me leaning to the rod asked for an excuse to the guy quite opposite to me,To lean a bit front and he threw an empty bottle out of the window which he felt to be "ass off weight". 
As every one was watching, an old day standing on the footpath under the tree walked towards our window. Many of us thought she might scold the guy with the points "social responsibility/civilized/educated".
But we have seen something unusual...
She came, picked up the bottle, walked back and dropped the empty bottle in "Dust bin"-which has a caption written on it as "Use Me".

She just gave a smile to the guy and kept calm.
That one smile by that woman meant a lot 2 be frank.

Every one who were watching this, gave a head turning towards the guy in such a way that (he must be thinking, "damn...what a shame")

Now i ask you....
                           what is the moral u got?