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29 September 2014

This is Me...!!

I' am black...
yes, i am black.
I drink the same water u people drink,breathe the same air u people breathe,blood is also red as like as yours,but when some people show this racial discrimination among friends itself na...!!

 It's like killing some one from your own flock,killing some one from your own family,blaming and complaining on your own eye that its not showing equality.
If you don't like me, i don't breath less.
If you like me, i am don't breath more. 
I am always the same.I keep fighting for my own life.I keep gaining for my own knowledge.
When i have nothing for me... 
I am nothing for them.

I can take it no more.

When ever i listen a word from some people naming after my skin.
Eyes become wet, even though i look smiling in their eyes..!!
I be the same the way as at home.I eat the same way, i do eat at home.I don't know how to act.

Frankly speaking.
This is Me...!!
Respect shall be gained.

Faith shall be restored.

On behalf of every person who go bull-eyed coz of colour.
A Victim.