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15 September 2014

Such a Beauty..!!

Your a Jealous in Girl's Mind.

Your the Dream of Every Guy.

Your the Vision of Every Eye in the Street.

Your the Bell of every temple in the Heart.

ooh...!! Queen of hearts..!!


Your eyes are so talkative,
undoubtedly even more seductive...!!

Of life, you are much of mirth...
as if the Joy that welcomes birth..!!


A sight to behold,
costlier than gold...!!

A poetry in motion,
which pebbles up an emotion.

A work of Art,
Let me find a way to win your heart.

I should tell you this;
You're the subject of a writer's ink,
you soften warriors with just a wink..!! ;)

Let that beauty be like a fruit which constantly ripens,
never break the mirror,no matter what happens...!!

I always believed that;  
Boys do love through Eyes,
girls do love through ears...!!

Let those eyes be theirs,
caution.. ears beware of theirs...!!

With just those dimples, Heart Th-robe might be for many....
None would dare to lose the chance of Marrying U - if Any..!!

                                                                                    With Love 2 a dear friend of mine... 

                                                                                  let me take you for a dine 

                                                                                                                                         - Tarun