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9 September 2014

oh dear..!!

      eyes want to have you in them,
      ears want to hear your voice,
      hands want to caress your skin,
      lips feel to taste yours,
      fingers want to mingle with yours,
      nails grew up to draw a dry sketch on your spine,
      cheeks miss your lip-gloss,
      eyebrows raise up high seeing you,
      chest want to hide your face so deep,
      hair is missing your fingers swirling around them,
      neck misses that one shivering kiss around it,
      soul wants to wind up around you all the time,
      legs want to share a walk with you,     
      shoulders feels to weigh you down the aisle...!!

Senses of mine are missing your odor so bad,
come back to me as i am getting so mad.

line me up,
bring me up..!!

oh time.. your always at prime,
why you lead her away from me and make a crime..!!

oh dear...!!
leave that fear,
please come near,
as.. i am so clear..!!