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13 September 2014

My Pen...!!

The white paper is asking me to ink it well,
Key board hates me as the use of it is secondary..!!

My fingers die to hold on to it tight,
My eyes do search in a Radar scan in Need,
My paper always haunt to fill it up, with ever ending lines..!!

When a thought arises in...
I get down on all fours, searching for this little object...

It can create a
  • Character
  • Play
  • Story
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Sentiment
It can make you cry
It can make you smile
It can make you feel,
which is void to a touch..!!

It makes sense at prime,
when i write you a rhyme..!!

It can build up an imagination,
even though your in any nation..!!
You may Live in a Den,
but give me my Pen...!!

                                                                                                              - Tarun Puchakayala