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13 September 2014


Memory... be small or big.
                     good or bad.

It's always an asset.
It keeps on bringing you, something new.

Well,the hatred is a liability,
which always costs you in return.

Life is all about assets and liabilities.

A relation is a property which you buy with a stock called Love.
The price of the stock may rise or fall...
the property is Yours.

It may be an asset or liability.

Greedy humans,
strive for an asset and
stay feet away from liability.

When a relation is being a liability...
they just sell the stock and clean their hands.

How can they sustain the coming Recession?
It comes as a surprise.
It departs you for a price..,
which costs your life.

Recession is just that fear of death.
The fear  which kills you..
You wouldn't know when it's near..!!

The success in surprise is Epic..,
Only in the verge of being dead..!!

Race it...
Ignoring the liabilities,
Saving the assets..!!

Just race it...

Fill your asset as fuel,
make your liability as Ability..!!

Just Race it...!!

                                                                                                               -Tarun Puchakayala