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11 September 2014


Never dream of thinking,
Never think of dreaming.

Once.. Some one said,

                                   "Dream leads to thinking,
                                   thinking leads to destiny."

When it is called destiny, how can it be lead by thinking which anonymously is lead by dreaming.
But One Dream's it, only when they do think of it constantly with a clarity or just a wish.

What is this ing-theory?

Every "ing" starts from two concepts..

  1. Seeing
  2. Dreaming
In some cases these both are related in a proportional way.

From the past decades, it is well explained that Dreaming is an act of imagination which is initiated by seeing with one's own eyes. These dreams tend to be much less vivid or memorable.

The famous Neurologist Sigmund Freud who is well known as Father of Psychoanalysis  meant
Dreams as "manifestations of our deepest desires and anxities, often relating to repressed childhood memories or obsessions."

They can make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration.  

If that's true 

Then this "ing theory" does a lost for a human life.

If you see,
   you can dream..
   which in turn, dwells you in a vision.

If you are watching/memorizing/saving each and every moment in a hard disk of unlimited memory called Brain.

When something avails you to stop in the middle of something and asks you to deeply think of it and
Hit on you, to bring back the lost one..

This rate of bringing back or trying to recap depends on something called IQ(Intelligent Quotient).

I never tested my one...
But you should... 
                           my dear Reader.

Well, see... some one is watching...
Memorizing in such a way that remembering something is easy to handle everything.

Dreaming about nothing is nothing.
Keep in mind.....
"Dreaming is nothing until you do something,
 else it may cost you everything"
For a clarification,
ing-theory is something beyond, which always describes an +ing form....
which keeps you moving.

Better be that way...!!

                                                                                                                                                        - Tarun Puchakayala