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19 September 2014

I believe...!!

I was out of my home today as usually. I felt it as a special day. I don't know why, i just feel so.Some things are never said before. They just come unto you from back and surprise you by tapping your shoulder. I was walking by my lane slowly. Early Morning sunshine... which i always loved it, is embracing me and telling me to feel the warmth of it as.. its even healthy one. That was the reason i was still making the walk slower.

Later on, i reached my stop and boarded a bus. As it was the morning time, it was a nightmare to get the seat. I was standing erect in the rushed bus. I can see many people. Kids with bags on their back. Adults on their way to offices, women to their own destinations,etc., As it was early, every one were happy. Coping for a better day even though their life might be miserable.

Some are living the today,
some are bothering of yesterday,
some are worried of tomorrow.

Every one are relished in their own ideas of what to do, what no to do, what could have been done,etc., etc.,
But none has the idea or cherish to their final breath. Because everyone have their own families, loving ones, friends,etc., on whom they are depended with affections. Whether it is for living or what ever it might be, they just want to live it.

In this journey of little distance.... my eyes got attention towards a little baby in the hands of a mother leaned towards her chest.
She was too happy.
She is not worried of hunger.
She is not worried of clothing.
She is not worried of shelter.
She is not worried of nothing.
She is the happiest one.

What i got here is... She doesn't know the real world as she is still being spoon fed by her Mother.
She doesn't know the question itself to worry about the problem. And me who stood up in a "sumo hugged" bus, leaning onto a seat rod, was astonished by that little girl.
I felt like...
I know the question but i was dumb enough in trying to think of solving the problem. A lot of difference between the baby and the grown ups.

I was always the one who is worried of making something new, innovative, creative, big.... thinking of my empty back ground. But the day i got my star shined, i never knew i could be myself and still be happy.
All my life, i thought of being that guy, this guy or someone else.

For the moment i am soulfully conveying myself to be so. Which has to be that way.

When i ask some of my friends, what you want to be? or Like whom you want to become?

They were like...
I want to be another Abdul Kalam.
I want to be another Mother Theresa.
I want to be another William Shakespeare,etc., etc.,

One thing dear reader.... these famous personalities have never dream' t of being some one else.
They were being themselves all the time. Their goals, inspirations might be based on their faced consequences.

For example, if  i am moved by something.
I just write. Immediately... where ever i may be. I have a Pen in my Pocket always with a notepad in the other one.

Every life has got a turning point,in which you will get both the question and answer of your life.

In-fact, "the perfect reason to live so and the reason to fight it."

Just hang on there in the crease brother/sister. When you know you can't hit the ball, make sure it's a dot ball. Don't go in building up the pressure and loose the hope.
When you can't score it save the wicket.

The odds  shall be on your side.

Trust me...!! Your going to win.

When coming to my game;
I am Tarun and i do write.
I don't write for someone else.

I write for myself.
I write for my soul.
I write for my Integrity.
I write for my happiness.
I write for my satisfaction.

Finally... I write for my Life.

Trust me..
I do believe in Infotainment and containment.
I believe that, am going to take literature a step ahead.

here by Signing off.....