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21 September 2014

Epic Article...!!

A girl asked me once...

What do you boys think of girls in private..??

Billion way answered question.
And this one was asked so humorously after a long chat with her.

I was just dumb for a while and my chat box was popping up so badly.

The crazy part was..
"i just dared my ass off to reveal the truth to her."

Nonetheless, that even i was in the mindset of flirting with her.
Luckiest part was...even she was well aware of that thing ;)

I kept silent for a while and
My humor was taunting me so bad that "i am gona get laid to night."

Breaking the silence...
I just gave a sigh... "tell me dear...I was on a call. sorry for the delay"

"I'm on hold for answer" she replies.
"OK. Do you mind if i tell you a story..?" i replied..
"Yep..go ahead. But be brief" she pings.

What is the probability of a Girl looking at boy in a crowded market?
you can say a 'couple of times'..

And if you ask about, what is the probability of boy looking at a girl in the same market?
Now,that's a question which gets an answer.

1. If the girl gazes at-least once by mistake. Boy vigorously continues to get her attention.
2 .For instance, if she left a smile na..!!
    He is gonna die with happiness..and her footsteps shall be his pathway..!

The girl and boy thing.
Technically speaking... it's just magnetism.

Sorry...i promised you to hear you a story..right..?

OK. Come on.

This guy tarun.
For instance..think i'm itself him.. so called Tarun.
I was influenced by the opposite gender very much since my teens.

In my school days,
  • I would move on and get ready for cycle rides with them.
  • Scratching the leg of my beside sat girl,with my own leg.
  • Robbing a girl notebook and returning it to her itself by visiting her home, post school hours.
  • Being late to leave the class rooms in breaks to spend time.
  • Fighting with your friend to sit beside her.

What is the stunning part is..
these all happening before puberty period..

It may mean "stupidity" if i do think of these things now after puberty ;)

And it was all fine until the period of maturity.
but post maturity. I've got drenched in the crowd of scum bags, pretty well.

I got into such a group.. am telling you.. If you are with them,you would have fun out to out.
And if it's any lecture period/class..there is no answer in getting beaten up because of them.

That fun...
That sorrow...

I always had a positive impact on girl until and unless i got matured mentally.
The idiot who gave initiative voluntarily to spoil my impact/vision on a girl was Mr. Mangal.
The only idiot friend of mine...who introduced porn to our school.

In the earlier days of 7th standard, i have seen some CD's being exchanged in between my co-friends.
I didn't bother about them much. But later on...On a calm and pleasant evening i was just walking down the lane.And i heard a bicycle Tyre skidding so badly.. making that rusty sound when the rubber and sand goes on with fiction leaving out the dust to air.

I just gave a rapid head turn to see who it was. It was Mr. Gedhel.
He just asked me to get on back. We rode to his home directly with out any halt.
To my surprise, all of my friends were over there itself. T.V was on, with some Hindi songs channel.
There was a fight for remote as usually. Then it rested in the hands of the superior one as expected.
Fingers pressed down on the buttons and eagerness in finding  an English channel.

What it can be other than HBO and Star Movies ;)
The all time favorites...!!

All of them were desperately waiting for the expected scene including me ;)

Out of nowhere... here comes Mr. Mangal...sliding out the curtain with a book in his hand. So energetically.

I thought it was just a book. But proving me wrong, he opened the book and took out the C.D with the index finger in middle of it.

All of them were shuffling seating positions on a hurry note going to the front row.

Arvind pints out that index finger of him towards me and says... "it's a new movie,wait for the surprise.."

The CD was rolling in the C.D player,
and on the CRT screen here comes the picture.

No... that's "Motion Picture.... filled with nudity all over the screen"

That was my first time. Literally, i felt it as a big Sin.

After a while, i left to home.
I should tell you... It was rolling in front of my eyes like a 3-D movie...

Since then, i got analyzing some girl in my own 3-D way.

I had many friends from the opposite gender as every guy from my school.
But it happened only sometimes because i knew my limits.

But i have to say...
"Impact is Impact.."
No matter good/bad.

Including me... I was successful in getting a girl friend by the age of 14.
That's cool.. right..?

We used to meet in private as a group.. itself..!!

You know there were times like guarding a couple for some cheeky naughty things for their pleasure.

Not to mention the names... i was guarding a cupid couple. Later on i saw some one coming by the main gate. I signaled them with a low profile whistle.
He was so quick.. like,
he just came out of the classroom walking normally and shouting out my name... Tarun, Do you have the book or not...??

I was murmuring inside like... ''Em jeevisthnaav ra...!!"

He just came followed by laying his hand around my shoulder and dragged me for his speedy walk.
which he always does....

After reaching down stairs.
Out of curiosity,
My question was like... "what did you do?"
He was blushing like anything... I took a lot of answers in random.

But me being a boy felt to know how that feels in the company of a woman?
                                 how it feels in a hug or something?

Idiot... recklessly said his whole act, the next day in a physics period.
Because instead of sleeping we felt to be wise enough.

From that day... i heard many "Cupid Romance Stories". But Not "Sex" ah...!!
Because it's a big task to even think of it. Age matters right...!!

But that little things made our day.
There were nearly 5 to 8 love stories in our school.
But today... none of those are on float. All of them are drowned in just a wash of tide called "Time".

Some had disasters.
Some even cry to date, thinking of that particular girl.

When in relation...
what all a boy thinks or concentrates on is the Flesh mostly.

"Getting pleasure in leisure" was the hymn all the time.
That's all we have known at that time.

We never even thought of good/bad thing.
"Just did it".

Sometimes, we got "ass kicked.."
Sometimes got excused.
But that impact created a big loop in my career till some graduate level.

Trying for some wrong numbers in order to trap a girl by feigning love,was a famous trick of all time mainly in the past decade.

I did it.
I got lucky.

Many got it.
Many got lucky.

But there was No-Love in it.

Orkut was wholesale destiny to get in touch with new friends.But we made it a sex shop.
Hunting for girls... watching pics, etc., etc.,

The active voice was telling me to be a good guy.
But the passive voice was haunting me to go for the opposite gender...
To have fun or something...!!

But i should tell you.
For the question asked by her..
what do boys talk about girls?

I'll tell you.
At times, the things which my eyes saw, my ears listened and have got experienced many "Drunken parties."
When the 2 bottles or 3 pegs of whisky are emptied. The show starts.

1st guy :   I have kissed my girl friend.
2nd guy:  That's it...??
1st guy :  Who said? There's a lot more which i had done...!!
2nd guy:   I am all ears. I will tell in my next chance.
1st guy :   come on bro... be a Man..!!

The discussion goes on.. we can hear the Real voices.
                                                              Real intentions.
                                                              Real personalities.
Finally.. Unveiling a real demon which was hiding under mask called friendship/culture/society.

But my 1st love taught me some moral values.
And keeping the memories safe. To never let them fade away with the coming life breezes or passing clouds.
I just kept them safe beneath my soul.

Every guy has been with some girl at some moment.
If it's a mutual understanding. It's up-to you.
                                                                  Your wish.
                                                                  Your life.
Do whatever you feel like...
                                          Have sex...
                             take selfies together.

But what is the point in unveiling them in public...??
Some idiot takes the nude pictures while making love and uploads on net post break up.
Remember... It's the freedom she gave you... idiot...!! That's her love... offering herself unto you in between four walls.
Better keep that way.

Instead... we see headlines about suicides on the mask of blackmails.

And  in the final days of my graduation...
I was having some best friends among girls too.
We would buckle up for a ride. Go for a movie.
Had some best moments.

But in some conditions. The male in me would ask for something more.
I would kill that idea then and there itself.
Unfortunately.. once, i had conveyed it so badly.

She just hung up the phone.

Never spoke to me again.
Never saw me again.

She didn't dare to loose her self respect.
And i am proud of her...!!
And i am ashamed of myself...!!

For many of us...
The male in you may ask you to fill the thirst.

But friends should remain friends.. in formal.

If you really do have feelings towards her...
"Propose her... Marry her..."

But if you have some sex appeal.
"Bury it underneath", brother.

it can spoil the relation.

At prime, choose the type of relation.
Don't hang on to the word called Lust with every girl.

Get some clarity...!!

If not.. ask me...

"Never make piracy of her privacy,
and keep up your legacy..!!"

That's it.

Any queries...??
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