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14 September 2014

dew Weed

Those nights, when i sat up tight on an empty stair case..
having a Joint of nude-weed, ignoring that dry cough,
                                                                      cold breeze and
                                                                      wet floor.

Nothing stopped me from smoking it.
At the same time...
the odds were on my side..hitting me to have it more and more.

I was polluting the air...
with a polluted heart and polluted mind..!!

It was like doing my part in tearing out the ozone layer,
wishing that harmful sunlight to hit on the ground,
                                                                                 to kill the declined,
                                                                                                  hatred and
The clothes on me were absorbing the smoke, out of a lit rolled joint..
to make me dizzy, even more in a wrap.

I didn't get a grip on my soul which was asking me,
to loosen-up the grip of the filter held in between my fingers.

Instead, haunt to emulate it
                            and enact.

The dried throat reminds me of a famine.
It's more dried up than a lost one's in an empty desert.

Gazing at the sky,
With head down on the floor,
the beauty of stars in the darkness,
take turn into an illusion.
Just drives you to a new galaxy.

Asking you to open up,
                        shout louder the name of the one,
                        engraved on your heart.
Cry out loads in the memoir of your lost one.

Just that smile, tipping up the happiness in you.

The eyes be wet,
missing that glory... it used to have.

The star in the sky is named as Star by this greedy human.
Just ignore it...!!

Name the same star after your loved one's,
                                                 missing one's,
                                                 lost one's.

Watch it daily,
call it daily,
talk to it daily.

Shout your throat nerves out....
I miss you as I loved you....!!

The smoke is never going to reach the star and
the star is never going to miss your sight...!!

This deceptive world always reminds you to Behave.But Weed is wise enough, which murmurs in your ears to Be-you.
Just do what you like,
the real happiness comes from an act of kindness.

Smoke hard,
die hard...!!

One night
One drag
One life...!!