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29 September 2014

This is Me...!!

I' am black...
yes, i am black.
I drink the same water u people drink,breathe the same air u people breathe,blood is also red as like as yours,but when some people show this racial discrimination among friends itself na...!!

 It's like killing some one from your own flock,killing some one from your own family,blaming and complaining on your own eye that its not showing equality.
If you don't like me, i don't breath less.
If you like me, i am don't breath more. 
I am always the same.I keep fighting for my own life.I keep gaining for my own knowledge.
When i have nothing for me... 
I am nothing for them.

I can take it no more.

When ever i listen a word from some people naming after my skin.
Eyes become wet, even though i look smiling in their eyes..!!
I be the same the way as at home.I eat the same way, i do eat at home.I don't know how to act.

Frankly speaking.
This is Me...!!
Respect shall be gained.

Faith shall be restored.

On behalf of every person who go bull-eyed coz of colour.
A Victim. 

27 September 2014

Saayam korina praanam...!!


Anna aa swaram ki,
nee raaka oo naadham...!!

Kaalu jaarina aa kshanam,
egiri padenu dheham,
Velavela boyenu oo pranam..!!

Parugu theesina naa nadaka,
vethukuthu oo nayana praanam..!!

Momu choosina,
nayana raktha maduguna...!!

Ninu mosina  ee chethula kashtam,
nee ee chirunavvu...!!

Nee kurula chaatuna thudichina raktham,
nee ee chirunavvu...!!

Raagalu theesina nee oopiri ni adugu,
naa peru...
ningi jaari padina chukka, nela cheru...!!

Nee peru palikina naa kantam,
kaana raanandhe nee chevula gaayam ...!!

Idho nalugu thechina velugu,
Kaaranam thelipina praanam,
Saayam korina praayam,
maayam agunu gaayam...!!

Tholi parichayam
oo.. vishadham...!!

Dhisalu maarina ee bandham,
thone perige aanandham..!!

Nee chelimi koruthu...
                                  Oo mithrudu..!!

26 September 2014

I, me, Myself...!!

My eyes are being attracted to something so as to my mind.
In a wind of rust, made me blind...!!

All the fingers pointed at me.
All the eyes off me.
All the love away from me.
All the good dead in me.
All the blood sucked off me.
All the people far from me.

From then,
I am loving me,
as i am being me.

I am gona remain me.
and i shall die as me, myself.


You're mine..!!

Charming you are,
enchanted in a meadow as a flower...!!

Warmth in you,
granted as you pull me into you...!!

Let your presence bring charm

Kisses be splendid,
hugs be blended.

Joy in togetherness,
toying forgiveness.

The dream may interpret the vision of you in Me,
infact you're the mission of thrones for Me.

The colors get faded,
let my feelings get waded.

The season awakens in midst of darkness,
favoring the state of wilderness.

Tearing the darkness of Orion,
with a tinge of color over horizon...!!

Pen be mine,
line be mine..!!

Deeper than a mine,
Richer than a mine,
As you're mine..!!

In a Dream

Every dream dream't of you,
lasted only as a dream.

As I dream't to be in your dream.
So,You ignored to sleep with the forecast of my presence in your dream.

I always swam in your tears as the cause is Me.
And to your voice, i am all ears.
I'd cling to you for years.

Just dream, no harm.
In cuddle of your Arms, make me warm.  

21 September 2014

Epic Article...!!

A girl asked me once...

What do you boys think of girls in private..??

Billion way answered question.
And this one was asked so humorously after a long chat with her.

I was just dumb for a while and my chat box was popping up so badly.

The crazy part was..
"i just dared my ass off to reveal the truth to her."

Nonetheless, that even i was in the mindset of flirting with her.
Luckiest part was...even she was well aware of that thing ;)

I kept silent for a while and
My humor was taunting me so bad that "i am gona get laid to night."

Breaking the silence...
I just gave a sigh... "tell me dear...I was on a call. sorry for the delay"

"I'm on hold for answer" she replies.
"OK. Do you mind if i tell you a story..?" i replied..
"Yep..go ahead. But be brief" she pings.

What is the probability of a Girl looking at boy in a crowded market?
you can say a 'couple of times'..

And if you ask about, what is the probability of boy looking at a girl in the same market?
Now,that's a question which gets an answer.

1. If the girl gazes at-least once by mistake. Boy vigorously continues to get her attention.
2 .For instance, if she left a smile na..!!
    He is gonna die with happiness..and her footsteps shall be his pathway..!

The girl and boy thing.
Technically speaking... it's just magnetism.

Sorry...i promised you to hear you a story..right..?

OK. Come on.

This guy tarun.
For instance..think i'm itself him.. so called Tarun.
I was influenced by the opposite gender very much since my teens.

In my school days,
  • I would move on and get ready for cycle rides with them.
  • Scratching the leg of my beside sat girl,with my own leg.
  • Robbing a girl notebook and returning it to her itself by visiting her home, post school hours.
  • Being late to leave the class rooms in breaks to spend time.
  • Fighting with your friend to sit beside her.

What is the stunning part is..
these all happening before puberty period..

It may mean "stupidity" if i do think of these things now after puberty ;)

And it was all fine until the period of maturity.
but post maturity. I've got drenched in the crowd of scum bags, pretty well.

I got into such a group.. am telling you.. If you are with them,you would have fun out to out.
And if it's any lecture period/class..there is no answer in getting beaten up because of them.

That fun...
That sorrow...

I always had a positive impact on girl until and unless i got matured mentally.
The idiot who gave initiative voluntarily to spoil my impact/vision on a girl was Mr. Mangal.
The only idiot friend of mine...who introduced porn to our school.

In the earlier days of 7th standard, i have seen some CD's being exchanged in between my co-friends.
I didn't bother about them much. But later on...On a calm and pleasant evening i was just walking down the lane.And i heard a bicycle Tyre skidding so badly.. making that rusty sound when the rubber and sand goes on with fiction leaving out the dust to air.

I just gave a rapid head turn to see who it was. It was Mr. Gedhel.
He just asked me to get on back. We rode to his home directly with out any halt.
To my surprise, all of my friends were over there itself. T.V was on, with some Hindi songs channel.
There was a fight for remote as usually. Then it rested in the hands of the superior one as expected.
Fingers pressed down on the buttons and eagerness in finding  an English channel.

What it can be other than HBO and Star Movies ;)
The all time favorites...!!

All of them were desperately waiting for the expected scene including me ;)

Out of nowhere... here comes Mr. Mangal...sliding out the curtain with a book in his hand. So energetically.

I thought it was just a book. But proving me wrong, he opened the book and took out the C.D with the index finger in middle of it.

All of them were shuffling seating positions on a hurry note going to the front row.

Arvind pints out that index finger of him towards me and says... "it's a new movie,wait for the surprise.."

The CD was rolling in the C.D player,
and on the CRT screen here comes the picture.

No... that's "Motion Picture.... filled with nudity all over the screen"

That was my first time. Literally, i felt it as a big Sin.

After a while, i left to home.
I should tell you... It was rolling in front of my eyes like a 3-D movie...

Since then, i got analyzing some girl in my own 3-D way.

I had many friends from the opposite gender as every guy from my school.
But it happened only sometimes because i knew my limits.

But i have to say...
"Impact is Impact.."
No matter good/bad.

Including me... I was successful in getting a girl friend by the age of 14.
That's cool.. right..?

We used to meet in private as a group.. itself..!!

You know there were times like guarding a couple for some cheeky naughty things for their pleasure.

Not to mention the names... i was guarding a cupid couple. Later on i saw some one coming by the main gate. I signaled them with a low profile whistle.
He was so quick.. like,
he just came out of the classroom walking normally and shouting out my name... Tarun, Do you have the book or not...??

I was murmuring inside like... ''Em jeevisthnaav ra...!!"

He just came followed by laying his hand around my shoulder and dragged me for his speedy walk.
which he always does....

After reaching down stairs.
Out of curiosity,
My question was like... "what did you do?"
He was blushing like anything... I took a lot of answers in random.

But me being a boy felt to know how that feels in the company of a woman?
                                 how it feels in a hug or something?

Idiot... recklessly said his whole act, the next day in a physics period.
Because instead of sleeping we felt to be wise enough.

From that day... i heard many "Cupid Romance Stories". But Not "Sex" ah...!!
Because it's a big task to even think of it. Age matters right...!!

But that little things made our day.
There were nearly 5 to 8 love stories in our school.
But today... none of those are on float. All of them are drowned in just a wash of tide called "Time".

Some had disasters.
Some even cry to date, thinking of that particular girl.

When in relation...
what all a boy thinks or concentrates on is the Flesh mostly.

"Getting pleasure in leisure" was the hymn all the time.
That's all we have known at that time.

We never even thought of good/bad thing.
"Just did it".

Sometimes, we got "ass kicked.."
Sometimes got excused.
But that impact created a big loop in my career till some graduate level.

Trying for some wrong numbers in order to trap a girl by feigning love,was a famous trick of all time mainly in the past decade.

I did it.
I got lucky.

Many got it.
Many got lucky.

But there was No-Love in it.

Orkut was wholesale destiny to get in touch with new friends.But we made it a sex shop.
Hunting for girls... watching pics, etc., etc.,

The active voice was telling me to be a good guy.
But the passive voice was haunting me to go for the opposite gender...
To have fun or something...!!

But i should tell you.
For the question asked by her..
what do boys talk about girls?

I'll tell you.
At times, the things which my eyes saw, my ears listened and have got experienced many "Drunken parties."
When the 2 bottles or 3 pegs of whisky are emptied. The show starts.

1st guy :   I have kissed my girl friend.
2nd guy:  That's it...??
1st guy :  Who said? There's a lot more which i had done...!!
2nd guy:   I am all ears. I will tell in my next chance.
1st guy :   come on bro... be a Man..!!

The discussion goes on.. we can hear the Real voices.
                                                              Real intentions.
                                                              Real personalities.
Finally.. Unveiling a real demon which was hiding under mask called friendship/culture/society.

But my 1st love taught me some moral values.
And keeping the memories safe. To never let them fade away with the coming life breezes or passing clouds.
I just kept them safe beneath my soul.

Every guy has been with some girl at some moment.
If it's a mutual understanding. It's up-to you.
                                                                  Your wish.
                                                                  Your life.
Do whatever you feel like...
                                          Have sex...
                             take selfies together.

But what is the point in unveiling them in public...??
Some idiot takes the nude pictures while making love and uploads on net post break up.
Remember... It's the freedom she gave you... idiot...!! That's her love... offering herself unto you in between four walls.
Better keep that way.

Instead... we see headlines about suicides on the mask of blackmails.

And  in the final days of my graduation...
I was having some best friends among girls too.
We would buckle up for a ride. Go for a movie.
Had some best moments.

But in some conditions. The male in me would ask for something more.
I would kill that idea then and there itself.
Unfortunately.. once, i had conveyed it so badly.

She just hung up the phone.

Never spoke to me again.
Never saw me again.

She didn't dare to loose her self respect.
And i am proud of her...!!
And i am ashamed of myself...!!

For many of us...
The male in you may ask you to fill the thirst.

But friends should remain friends.. in formal.

If you really do have feelings towards her...
"Propose her... Marry her..."

But if you have some sex appeal.
"Bury it underneath", brother.

it can spoil the relation.

At prime, choose the type of relation.
Don't hang on to the word called Lust with every girl.

Get some clarity...!!

If not.. ask me...

"Never make piracy of her privacy,
and keep up your legacy..!!"

That's it.

Any queries...??
-Catch me @


This person has no reason,
irrespective of season...!!

Passed down the green pastures,
expecting for at least a simple gesture...!!

The eyes were in search,
sighs made him to watch from a perch..!!

I was just in search of a name,
i never wanted that fame,
which always ends up in a flame...!!

Ooh dear person...,
never search for no-reason,
you will end up just as every season...!!

19 September 2014

I believe...!!

I was out of my home today as usually. I felt it as a special day. I don't know why, i just feel so.Some things are never said before. They just come unto you from back and surprise you by tapping your shoulder. I was walking by my lane slowly. Early Morning sunshine... which i always loved it, is embracing me and telling me to feel the warmth of it as.. its even healthy one. That was the reason i was still making the walk slower.

Later on, i reached my stop and boarded a bus. As it was the morning time, it was a nightmare to get the seat. I was standing erect in the rushed bus. I can see many people. Kids with bags on their back. Adults on their way to offices, women to their own destinations,etc., As it was early, every one were happy. Coping for a better day even though their life might be miserable.

Some are living the today,
some are bothering of yesterday,
some are worried of tomorrow.

Every one are relished in their own ideas of what to do, what no to do, what could have been done,etc., etc.,
But none has the idea or cherish to their final breath. Because everyone have their own families, loving ones, friends,etc., on whom they are depended with affections. Whether it is for living or what ever it might be, they just want to live it.

In this journey of little distance.... my eyes got attention towards a little baby in the hands of a mother leaned towards her chest.
She was too happy.
She is not worried of hunger.
She is not worried of clothing.
She is not worried of shelter.
She is not worried of nothing.
She is the happiest one.

What i got here is... She doesn't know the real world as she is still being spoon fed by her Mother.
She doesn't know the question itself to worry about the problem. And me who stood up in a "sumo hugged" bus, leaning onto a seat rod, was astonished by that little girl.
I felt like...
I know the question but i was dumb enough in trying to think of solving the problem. A lot of difference between the baby and the grown ups.

I was always the one who is worried of making something new, innovative, creative, big.... thinking of my empty back ground. But the day i got my star shined, i never knew i could be myself and still be happy.
All my life, i thought of being that guy, this guy or someone else.

For the moment i am soulfully conveying myself to be so. Which has to be that way.

When i ask some of my friends, what you want to be? or Like whom you want to become?

They were like...
I want to be another Abdul Kalam.
I want to be another Mother Theresa.
I want to be another William Shakespeare,etc., etc.,

One thing dear reader.... these famous personalities have never dream' t of being some one else.
They were being themselves all the time. Their goals, inspirations might be based on their faced consequences.

For example, if  i am moved by something.
I just write. Immediately... where ever i may be. I have a Pen in my Pocket always with a notepad in the other one.

Every life has got a turning point,in which you will get both the question and answer of your life.

In-fact, "the perfect reason to live so and the reason to fight it."

Just hang on there in the crease brother/sister. When you know you can't hit the ball, make sure it's a dot ball. Don't go in building up the pressure and loose the hope.
When you can't score it save the wicket.

The odds  shall be on your side.

Trust me...!! Your going to win.

When coming to my game;
I am Tarun and i do write.
I don't write for someone else.

I write for myself.
I write for my soul.
I write for my Integrity.
I write for my happiness.
I write for my satisfaction.

Finally... I write for my Life.

Trust me..
I do believe in Infotainment and containment.
I believe that, am going to take literature a step ahead.

here by Signing off.....

18 September 2014

To a Friend of mine...!!

A friend of mine,
with a heart deeper than mine...!!

She is pale,
but eats whale...!!

May be naive,
but yet brave..!!

Much she walks,
that she talks..!!

She gets a life,
whilst being wife..!!

Whenever you ring me by cell,
i want to be your doorbell...!!

Oh dear friend of mine,
never loose that shine...!!

15 September 2014

Such a Beauty..!!

Your a Jealous in Girl's Mind.

Your the Dream of Every Guy.

Your the Vision of Every Eye in the Street.

Your the Bell of every temple in the Heart.

ooh...!! Queen of hearts..!!


Your eyes are so talkative,
undoubtedly even more seductive...!!

Of life, you are much of mirth...
as if the Joy that welcomes birth..!!


A sight to behold,
costlier than gold...!!

A poetry in motion,
which pebbles up an emotion.

A work of Art,
Let me find a way to win your heart.

I should tell you this;
You're the subject of a writer's ink,
you soften warriors with just a wink..!! ;)

Let that beauty be like a fruit which constantly ripens,
never break the mirror,no matter what happens...!!

I always believed that;  
Boys do love through Eyes,
girls do love through ears...!!

Let those eyes be theirs,
caution.. ears beware of theirs...!!

With just those dimples, Heart Th-robe might be for many....
None would dare to lose the chance of Marrying U - if Any..!!

                                                                                    With Love 2 a dear friend of mine... 

                                                                                  let me take you for a dine 

                                                                                                                                         - Tarun 

When i'm with you....!!

When i'm With You--
My Eyes Follow Your Moves.
   My Eye Lids freeze out.
      My Cheek Bone Warms Up.
         My Ears are keen at your Voice.
             My Nose Sniff's your Body Odor.
                My Throat hardly remembers thirst.
                   My Lips always get Wet.
                      My Tongue spells your Name as Numerous.
                         My Hands Move in air finding a chance to Touch You.
                             My Shoulder has quite Attraction towards your's.
                         My thigh's intend to Slide beside Yours.
                      My Feet taps to feel your Feet.
                   My Fingers Scribble to Touch your Hair.
                 My Palms struggle to Lock in Yours.
             My Skin suffers from Goosebumps.
          My Head want to Relax in your Laps.
       My Body awaits to Feel the Warmth in/as Your HUG.
    My Pulse want you to hear my Heart Beat.
  My Heart jumps with Joy every-millisecond.
My Heart Beat states a Gradual increase.

                       My Soul alarms me to keep you safe in my Heart <3 <3

 When i'm with you... 

                               I am just with you....

                                                                   My Love <3

14 September 2014

dew Weed

Those nights, when i sat up tight on an empty stair case..
having a Joint of nude-weed, ignoring that dry cough,
                                                                      cold breeze and
                                                                      wet floor.

Nothing stopped me from smoking it.
At the same time...
the odds were on my side..hitting me to have it more and more.

I was polluting the air...
with a polluted heart and polluted mind..!!

It was like doing my part in tearing out the ozone layer,
wishing that harmful sunlight to hit on the ground,
                                                                                 to kill the declined,
                                                                                                  hatred and
The clothes on me were absorbing the smoke, out of a lit rolled joint..
to make me dizzy, even more in a wrap.

I didn't get a grip on my soul which was asking me,
to loosen-up the grip of the filter held in between my fingers.

Instead, haunt to emulate it
                            and enact.

The dried throat reminds me of a famine.
It's more dried up than a lost one's in an empty desert.

Gazing at the sky,
With head down on the floor,
the beauty of stars in the darkness,
take turn into an illusion.
Just drives you to a new galaxy.

Asking you to open up,
                        shout louder the name of the one,
                        engraved on your heart.
Cry out loads in the memoir of your lost one.

Just that smile, tipping up the happiness in you.

The eyes be wet,
missing that glory... it used to have.

The star in the sky is named as Star by this greedy human.
Just ignore it...!!

Name the same star after your loved one's,
                                                 missing one's,
                                                 lost one's.

Watch it daily,
call it daily,
talk to it daily.

Shout your throat nerves out....
I miss you as I loved you....!!

The smoke is never going to reach the star and
the star is never going to miss your sight...!!

This deceptive world always reminds you to Behave.But Weed is wise enough, which murmurs in your ears to Be-you.
Just do what you like,
the real happiness comes from an act of kindness.

Smoke hard,
die hard...!!

One night
One drag
One life...!!


13 September 2014


Memory... be small or big.
                     good or bad.

It's always an asset.
It keeps on bringing you, something new.

Well,the hatred is a liability,
which always costs you in return.

Life is all about assets and liabilities.

A relation is a property which you buy with a stock called Love.
The price of the stock may rise or fall...
the property is Yours.

It may be an asset or liability.

Greedy humans,
strive for an asset and
stay feet away from liability.

When a relation is being a liability...
they just sell the stock and clean their hands.

How can they sustain the coming Recession?
It comes as a surprise.
It departs you for a price..,
which costs your life.

Recession is just that fear of death.
The fear  which kills you..
You wouldn't know when it's near..!!

The success in surprise is Epic..,
Only in the verge of being dead..!!

Race it...
Ignoring the liabilities,
Saving the assets..!!

Just race it...

Fill your asset as fuel,
make your liability as Ability..!!

Just Race it...!!

                                                                                                               -Tarun Puchakayala

My Pen...!!

The white paper is asking me to ink it well,
Key board hates me as the use of it is secondary..!!

My fingers die to hold on to it tight,
My eyes do search in a Radar scan in Need,
My paper always haunt to fill it up, with ever ending lines..!!

When a thought arises in...
I get down on all fours, searching for this little object...

It can create a
  • Character
  • Play
  • Story
  • Poetry
  • Romance
  • Sentiment
It can make you cry
It can make you smile
It can make you feel,
which is void to a touch..!!

It makes sense at prime,
when i write you a rhyme..!!

It can build up an imagination,
even though your in any nation..!!
You may Live in a Den,
but give me my Pen...!!

                                                                                                              - Tarun Puchakayala

11 September 2014


Never dream of thinking,
Never think of dreaming.

Once.. Some one said,

                                   "Dream leads to thinking,
                                   thinking leads to destiny."

When it is called destiny, how can it be lead by thinking which anonymously is lead by dreaming.
But One Dream's it, only when they do think of it constantly with a clarity or just a wish.

What is this ing-theory?

Every "ing" starts from two concepts..

  1. Seeing
  2. Dreaming
In some cases these both are related in a proportional way.

From the past decades, it is well explained that Dreaming is an act of imagination which is initiated by seeing with one's own eyes. These dreams tend to be much less vivid or memorable.

The famous Neurologist Sigmund Freud who is well known as Father of Psychoanalysis  meant
Dreams as "manifestations of our deepest desires and anxities, often relating to repressed childhood memories or obsessions."

They can make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration.  

If that's true 

Then this "ing theory" does a lost for a human life.

If you see,
   you can dream..
   which in turn, dwells you in a vision.

If you are watching/memorizing/saving each and every moment in a hard disk of unlimited memory called Brain.

When something avails you to stop in the middle of something and asks you to deeply think of it and
Hit on you, to bring back the lost one..

This rate of bringing back or trying to recap depends on something called IQ(Intelligent Quotient).

I never tested my one...
But you should... 
                           my dear Reader.

Well, see... some one is watching...
Memorizing in such a way that remembering something is easy to handle everything.

Dreaming about nothing is nothing.
Keep in mind.....
"Dreaming is nothing until you do something,
 else it may cost you everything"
For a clarification,
ing-theory is something beyond, which always describes an +ing form....
which keeps you moving.

Better be that way...!!

                                                                                                                                                        - Tarun Puchakayala


9 September 2014

Never Give up...!!

When all the doors are shut in your life...
You look for the windows.
even if they are closed, 
look for the ventilation.
Damn it, if it's also closed.
Look out for the Store room exit.
If the same happens to it also...

Hang out Yourself.....

for a word called HOPE.

Never Give up.... 

A fine day...!!

A fine day, 
i was skating on the #Rink
On a swirl,i saw a girl in #Pink.
My eyelids lost the way to #Blink,
but got naughty enough to #Wink 
Then i went on search of her #Link.
Eventhough it got late,
it didnt last many days to #sink.
On my way to impress her,there was a rise in the Grammar of my Pen's#Ink..!!

i was wise enough to think.
dumb enough to bethink.

Men's eyes are #linked to Pink.
So the fate is #inked with tears.


save #ink 

Know the time, it ain't a crime..!!

Darkness knows the power of light,
Night is in need of light..!!
Chances are hand-some,
Souls are ransom..!!

Beat up on heat,
till it's a feat.

Don't give up the Ride,
even in the verge of slide...!!

Know the time at prime,
as it ain't a Crime..!!

oh dear..!!

      eyes want to have you in them,
      ears want to hear your voice,
      hands want to caress your skin,
      lips feel to taste yours,
      fingers want to mingle with yours,
      nails grew up to draw a dry sketch on your spine,
      cheeks miss your lip-gloss,
      eyebrows raise up high seeing you,
      chest want to hide your face so deep,
      hair is missing your fingers swirling around them,
      neck misses that one shivering kiss around it,
      soul wants to wind up around you all the time,
      legs want to share a walk with you,     
      shoulders feels to weigh you down the aisle...!!

Senses of mine are missing your odor so bad,
come back to me as i am getting so mad.

line me up,
bring me up..!!

oh time.. your always at prime,
why you lead her away from me and make a crime..!!

oh dear...!!
leave that fear,
please come near,
as.. i am so clear..!!

8 September 2014

I Promise

Every promise i ever made,
   I was the first one that couldn't hold.

  • Few promises are to be made,
  • Few promises are to be kept.

Unfortunately i neither had chance for both...

I finally make a confession that i will make a promise to none in my life..

Even this is a Promise ;)

Hold on to your heart

When you come to know that,
the person whom your loving doesn't have such feel on you....

What your gona do?

Love them some more...
                       more and more...
                  much more....

Till the end..
Till your last breath.

One day she  would get vexed up of this Fake World and
will turn to your True Heart, Faithfulness ...

Once she catches your hand with Love, never leave it in any case.
Hold on to her till the Cremation.

Pogadalsina Andham

Thamara puvvu virusthundhi,
nee navvu chusi...!!
vennela aina bosipodha,
nee andhaniki..!!

Nallani aa kurula chaatuna dhaagunna kalla nu,
 chudataniki parithapisthundhi ee veeche gaali...!!

Matti kuda thaakandhe
oorukodhu, nee paadhanni...!!

Nee champa erugadhu,
kanneti thadidhanam...!!
Vyadha kai ochina
kaneeti chukka kuda avthundhi, oo Muthyam..!!

Sandhram lanti nee premani,
thelusukunna vaadu....
Neelakasam ye hadhu ga.... <3 <3 

Kadha kadhu vyadha

Reyi kanundhi..

Intiki Raani Kuthuru...

Edhuru choopuki bedhuru..

Nadaka Modhalaindhi,

Cheethilo dheepam tho--> Korukundhi, Aarakudadhani intlo dheepam..!!

"Aakali medha unna kadupu ki ,
                                                Aaratam ekkuva.
                                                Aalochana thakkuva..!!"

Dhaari poduguna Raallu,
Akkadakada Mullu...!!

Aranyam anthati Andhakaaram,

                                               Raallu podichayi
                                               Mullu Guchayi...

Praanalu guppetlo,
Dhaachaga dhupatlo.

Aa kshanam lo..
Vinapadindhi Oo Gaavu keka...

Challa Gaalilo..

Madhilo oke oka aasa, Kakudadhu adhi chaavu keka..!!

Nadaka Sannagillindhi,
Gunde baruvaindhi...!!

Dheepam choopina Velugu,
thana vente prathi Adugu....!!

Nakshathraala Velugu, ye ga Amavasyapu Reyi Velugu...

Kanu choopu meralo,
 Oo Ardhanagnam..!!

Aaratam ki bhayam thodaindhi...
Nadaka Parugu la maarindhi...
Prathi Adugu, O pidugu..!!

Kalla lo Kanna Kuthuru...
                                        Jeevam ledhu..
                                        Kaaranam Thelidhu...!!

Mokarillindhi.. Edchindhi..,
Arichindhi... Vedukundhi...!!

Dhupatlo Chuttesindhi...
Navamasalu mosina thalli... Mosthundhi, Jeevam leni Thana Pranam ni..!!

Sannayi mogalsina intlo Shankam Mogindhi...!!

Aavesam ochindhi..
Vivekam Chachindhi..!!

Kannathalli usuru posukunna Prathi okka Mrugam --> Jeevam unna Shevam..!!

                                 "Araachakaniki bali ayi, Jeevam kolpoyina Prathi okka స్త్రీ ki idhi Naa Nivali..!!"

With Love..!!

I love the moon in the sky.
I love the clouds in the sky. 
I love the stars in the sky. 
I love the way we stared at the sky. 
Which always made us feel to Fly.
Now in return makes me feel to cry.
I miss that feel to fly.
One day, i will make you fly into the sky and never let u cry <3 

6 September 2014

I Intend to say so....

When people intend to hate, they hate.
When people intend to love, they love.
When people intend to hurt, they hurt.
When people intend to give, they give.

When people intend to fight, they fight.
When people intend to rape, they rape.
When people intend to assault, they assault.
When people intend to kill, they kill.
When people intend to loot, they loot.
When people intend to cheat, they cheat.

When people intend to invent, they invent.
When people intend to discover, they discover.
When people intend to learn, they learn.
When people intend to achieve, they achieve.

When people intend to leave a Mark, they do make.

Fortunately, None are good/bad.

                     It's all about the "Intention".
                                            Make sure it's in the Right direction. 

5 September 2014

what is the moral u got?

Today i was sitting in the bus as on the way to Uppal. The driver weighed on the break pedal with due respect on Red signal near Lumbini park. 
All of a sudden, a guy standing in front of me leaning to the rod asked for an excuse to the guy quite opposite to me,To lean a bit front and he threw an empty bottle out of the window which he felt to be "ass off weight". 
As every one was watching, an old day standing on the footpath under the tree walked towards our window. Many of us thought she might scold the guy with the points "social responsibility/civilized/educated".
But we have seen something unusual...
She came, picked up the bottle, walked back and dropped the empty bottle in "Dust bin"-which has a caption written on it as "Use Me".

She just gave a smile to the guy and kept calm.
That one smile by that woman meant a lot 2 be frank.

Every one who were watching this, gave a head turning towards the guy in such a way that (he must be thinking, "damn...what a shame")

Now i ask you....
                           what is the moral u got?