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24 August 2014

Joy of Sharing/Giving...!!


Simple word to define happiness.


Simple word to define kindness.

These two words can mean a lot, if you mean it.
They can bring meaning to a Life completely.

By the way,

I am Tarun. I was born and bought up in India, which is obviously a multi religious country.
And i was born in a place where sharing was meant to be there for daily living.
Every festival irrespective to religion,different kind of dishes would prevail in all the homes around us.
We people strongly believe in Unity in Divesity.

When our parents heard of Riots in some northern states of our country or other similar issues, they would just feel Sorry for the people who died in those incidents and pity the people who took part in it... thinking "they dont know what they are doing.. instead of living by loving".

We younger one's being the next generation have shared their blood and genes which are filled with same UID and Humanity.

We shall mean something to ourselves and even for the people around.

On the day of Ramzaan,

We would be gifted with Meat and many different arabic dishes on that special day. My mom used to get me ready with a head bath at prime. I would just run to Amreen Aunty home, playing over there all the day. Eating all together, it was just a moment of happiness in sharing.

On the day of Sree Ram Navami,

I would just run with bottles in hand to the Temple to get Paanakam(Sweet water mixed with Jaggery).

During Ganesdh Uthsav,

As, it' s celebrated for 5 to 11 days placing the idol of Lord Ganesha. Daily they worship with songs and mantras.
But for us... being kids it was a Food feast. Playing near the idol and after the Pooja is done.. fighting for the "Prasadham".

During Christmas,

My friends would cometo our home.. As we would read The Holy Bible.
We would share much of things.We would share the happiness in it.

"Invading the Joy in Sharing is something beyond".

But there is something beyond the Joy of sharing...  That's called Joy of Giving.

Giving is just meant not to expect in return.

How many of us can be?
How many of us can do it?

When a beggar comes to you at some traffic signal point... Instead of pointing him/his situation, Offer him a Rupee.

That would be more than enough and so worthy in his eyes.

Once, i saw a spectatcular incident.
A boy and an old woman went to an Old man who was having his breakfast in front of me at a Mobile hotel.
At first he ignored but what crossed his mind, i dont know. But, he just kept his  cleared plate aside and washed his hands in rush. He asked them to sit down on the bench over there. The person ordered 2plates of Idli and some other specials available.

He itself passed on the plates to both woman and the kid. He was till they were done completely.
He didnt ask any reason behind their poverty.
He didint give money. 
He gave a hope.
                          which is much needed for them.

That's where Humanity lies in.

Since then,

If some one begs when am near Tea stall, i shall be gratefull in offering them a Cup of it.
If i am near a hotel, i shall be kind enough in offering them a Plate of some food item.
If i am near a fruit shop, i shall be kind enough to offer them Some Juice.
If someone is bleeding on the road, Stop the bleeding and give the hope & courage which is needed to that particular person at that moment.

Just give them...

You know, that you can earn post to offering them.
But can they?

Just one slogan i arise today... Help the needy.

For me,
Happiness is "Joy of Giving" and vise-versa.
Happiness in Feeding a hungry Dog.

       Help when you can,
       Offer when you have... irrespective of Habitat.