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21 August 2014

Am i the Problem or Solution...!!

You know,

I've got a sense of humour, which always make me senseless.

But i love it in my own way.

You know,

i always tend to be honest one in family and as a Good Citizen in Society.. as like as many people.
And i know that being honest in these days is like Burning Coal in Water.

It just makes no sense... Right...??
But i shall configure this part of Humans which is making the system corrupt.

If i dare to be brief, i shall share something today.

Once i went to a Government office to register my Date of Birth certificate. I submitted all the required documents as per instructed. I was asked to come and collect the Certificate after a Week exactly. so, i did go to collect the document and i received them with no pain.When i have gone through all the details, i found that there were some spelling mistakes in the Sur name(Family name). I needed it to be changed as soon as possible in order to apply for my passport. On the other hand, i took the errors in the document to the officer's notice.He explained me another process to remit the mistakes from it, which was obviously a time consuming process.

I immediately asked him

"Does it workout with money?" with out any hesitation.

The officer nodded head in a Yes manner.

And i got the document reprinted by Correcting the errors, the next day itself.

I felt like,
              " Did i buy the Time with Money..?"

I didn't feel it as wrong at that point of time, as the need of mine was haunting me to make the work done at any cost.

Many of us do so, if am not wrong..!!

 To be fair..
                  "It's a to do thing in order to get thing."

It is said that, "Machines/Robots are meant to ease human effort."
But to be frank,
                        "We humans are complicating ourselves"

                                                                                        Agreed or Greed...??

We have eased up for easy works.
What ever the work it is, it shall be done in quick at ease.
That's all, We are habituated for.

To enlighten up, i would  like to share some more which are quite often incidents in a Common Man life striving in this society.


One fine morning i was driving to college in a well dressed manner to attend my Lab internal.On my way to college i had to cross a Police Check point, which was a regular drill as it was the city border.I was stopped by the Cop over there with a stick in hand, belly down belt and shattered hat. Asap, i turned down to neutral Gear.. The cop just dragged the key from the lock set and I was asked to disclose all the documents including Driving License. Surprisingly, i got reminded by my Empty Folder of Wallet that i left my license on my desk itself.

When he knew the matter he was ready to hunt my pockets. I can see the happiness in his face. He must be thinking, "i have got bucks for today's Brunch".

On the other hand, i was damn worried while thinking of getting to college on time.Because i already had a Branded Stamp on my Punctual Status as B Grade since my school days :D

On the contrary, as i was pleading the cop for the keys....A Dangerous word slipped from my Mouth called "Exam" in the process of pleading him. He still became commanding for my death sake.

I just took out the only 200 Rupees left in my Wallet after Pricing for the Petrol. On response, he just gave back my Keys to me unconvincingly.
I just drove off the sight.
Even though i went so dull to college. Fortunately, i was on time for the exam.

Here also, the same thing was repeated,

                                                            "I just bought Time with Money."

Neither i commit it as a Mistake nor commit myself to the corrupted one.

To get you a clear outfit, i shall prescribe some more...

For Instance:


When you're on your way to an important meeting, which was a life turning point. Unfortunately, you're on bike which was quite economical. But if it gave a shocking break down in the middle of no where... Wouldn't you take the Cab even it costs your pockets more bucks..??

At that point of time, you would nod to any offer.. irrespective to the Driver's Quote.

"You will  just feel to buy that particular Time," Literally..!!

                                                                                        I mean it.


In a tired some Train journey.. One would undoubtedly ask for a "Berth" to take a nap, by bribing TC.

 Now, "One is buying the comfort with the same Money".


Once i saw a beggar bribing 50 Rupees to get a Shelter in a Rainy/cold Night.

Now, "One is buying the shelter with that same Money".


One of the shocking incident, which was indeed a smart move by the known person of me.
It was My old house owner... who had a Ration Card which was a Green card to get Rice, kerosene,dal, tamarind,etc., in Subsidy Quota.

Like, she gets Rice = 2 Rupees/kg.. which was way too low cost when compared to market rate.
But she would sell the same Rice for 19 Rupees/kg in the General Market, the next moment she gets it.

Here, the same common man is utilizing the Poor habitat benefits and commercializing them.

Shame on such people.

Many are in that category, if you drill out from each area.

On the other side, the Government always do declare Manifesto's before elections like,
Providing Rice, Electricity, basic needs at low cost.

Thus, making People lazy enough.


I know/saw people who have registered themselves in Government housing  schemes.. which were generally way too low cost when compared to commercial living homes.

And they Rent out the same houses to other needy People.

That's a best process of earning at ease.

In some point of view, Government is giving the chance to people to Cheat on them. which even reflects as cheating on themselves(Public).

When would we know this Truth of getting cheated because of the "Ease nature of us" which is pebbling up day by day.

Wrong or Right,
Just do it.

Earn Money,
Get Works done.

"If i can't get it righteously, i will buy it"
                                                            - said a Needy Human.

"If i cant get the Job by written Exams, i will buy it"
                                                            - said a Graduate.

"If i can't pass my exam for Degree, i will buy it"
                                                            - said a Student.

"If i cant  get a Job Post by Test, i will buy it"
                                                           - said an Sub Inspector post training.

In this way, every one has got their norms in getting things done at Ease.

"What ever the consequence may be,

                                                       I shall do it,
                                                       I shall fight for it"
                                                                                  - said the same Common Man.

At the end of the day, i would like to confess that.. I wana be that Common Man...

What about you?

If you have planned for a Movie with your Girlfriend/Boyfriend. And if the House full board is displayed at the counter. what would you do?
The immediate alternative which comes to our Dirty mind is Black Ticket.
The management knows the Craze of the Cast of the Movie and he does it so.. to earn profit on extra margin.
What, If the same people ignore to buy the tickets in black..?
Would he remain calm even after a Show at Loss?


"He will open the Main Ticket Counter by throwing away the House-full Placard", in Response.

That's what i am talking about...

"If we are not Part of the solution, then we are the Problem"
                                                                                         - said Shiv Kera.

Last but not least,

"If we are the Problem, We shall only be the Solution"
                                                                                 - said Tarun Puchakayala.