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2 August 2014

A Deniable Story..!!

   Once upon a time, we lived in shapur nagar. It was double bed room.
One regular night, i was about to sleep and i covered my self with bed sheet to get warm.
As i was facing on to the ceiling fan, and i felt a low profile  knock on my tightened bed sheet.
I didn't give much attention thinking it was my mom. After a while, as my Eyelids were dying to hug each other, i got the same sense as before.
I rolled down it through my fore head, eyes until neck. It was quite unusual that there was none around me.
I drank water from my bottle which i dragged from down to my bed. After a while i felt like something was dragging my bed-sheet. My heart beat pounded like a Ascending drum beat. Undoubtedly my eyelids started to loose each other with laziness filled.
 When i got the vision crystal clear, what i saw was A male ghost.. It was roaming around me, i was calling my mom but she is not responding.

I screamed out "Mummy.... Daddy..." and they  came running to my room.

"I can see him..
 I can see him", I shouted.

They were responding like, "we can see nothing, oh..!! another nightmare" my mom hesitates and places the Bible under my pillow... and murmured as "Praise the Lord, keep my baby under your mighty wings".

Later on...
One day,some one bought sweets as they visited us after a long time. Mom always hid it since childhood with the fear of us emptying the box just in a day. Next morning i woke up and opened the box, i can see nothing instead the red ants eating tiny left-outs. The box was empty.
My mom scolded me and my Brother, blaming on us..
It's my doubt that,who might have ate them..?
It's a mystery..!!

One day at noon, i was busy in flying kite along with my brother. As my brother went to bring water for us, i was holding the thread on end.

Then it was back... I mean the "Male Ghost".
In fear, i lost the grip of thread through my fingers.

It was roaming around me laughing out loud,
then i dared and went towards him.

Asked, are u real?
Can i touch you?
with out getting even a sigh from him,
i wide opened my eyes and touched him. I can touch him unlike others but he is only visible to me...

I always had a wish to have a ghost as my friend since childhood as i used to watch horror movies with great Luzz.

Then an idea knocked my door of brain asking my lips to open up and ask of whereabouts...

What is your name?

"I am Gem..
         Tharun Gem", he replied.

 Bubblegum", was my instant counter attack to him.

His face got blown.

Took my time and asked

                                       "Can you be my friend..?"

My Ears were utterly in wait to listen his Voice.

Breaking the silence.. he said, "yes".

                                                     soon we became best friends..
                                                                                                     wherever i am..he was there..

one fine day , i took him to my college along with me..

A few days back, a Professor of mine scolded me regarding a disciplinary act and since then he was
doing the same due by chance.

So, i thought it's time for revenge..

My "Ghost-Friend" knew it. I took him to the parking lot.
"Dust,stones,dry leaves and all were dusted on the car and he was jumping on the car hood like a kid."
From top of the class window, i heard a giant voice,which usually is the property of my "Professor".
I was stunned and damn worried that he might have seen me.
I was walking on steps..later i got reminded by my "ghostly friend" that "he did see you, but not me".
I took a deep breath thinking GF's got a point.

My Professor was walking down the steps, while shouting in parallel.

"Hey, you..!!

"Is that me,sir..?", i asked.

", you" sir was pointing towards him..
I was just stunned and erect as a statue.

Then GF tapped my shoulder and said "just wait".

sir warned that, "wait there itself..i am coming" as he was right up the floor.
he came so fast,
he was just shouting.. and cried on GF to clean the car with his own shirt..
GF was simply obeying his words.

I was just watching something anonymous and couldn't digest which is happening in front of my eyes.

he is my best friend..
he is invisible, except to my eyes.

I just knelt down over there itself and weeping out my tears off my cheek

My friends reached me, from nowhere.
and they were asking me..

  • why are you crying..?
  • what happened..??
  • why are you here..?

I was just dumb enough at that time.
I didn't know why my GF didn't respond at that time..
and how come he is visible to my professor..??
                                                           i never understood..
                                                           i never got the point..

Many sleepless nights Longed, waiting for GF.
                                                                      it's been a year by now..
                                                                      he never came to me..

i am bold enough to be strong...
forgetting the "DREAM" as it was just a Dream, Dreamt
                                                                                            Me... Myself...