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24 August 2014

Joy of Sharing/Giving...!!


Simple word to define happiness.


Simple word to define kindness.

These two words can mean a lot, if you mean it.
They can bring meaning to a Life completely.

By the way,

I am Tarun. I was born and bought up in India, which is obviously a multi religious country.
And i was born in a place where sharing was meant to be there for daily living.
Every festival irrespective to religion,different kind of dishes would prevail in all the homes around us.
We people strongly believe in Unity in Divesity.

When our parents heard of Riots in some northern states of our country or other similar issues, they would just feel Sorry for the people who died in those incidents and pity the people who took part in it... thinking "they dont know what they are doing.. instead of living by loving".

We younger one's being the next generation have shared their blood and genes which are filled with same UID and Humanity.

21 August 2014

Am i the Problem or Solution...!!

You know,

I've got a sense of humour, which always make me senseless.

But i love it in my own way.

You know,

i always tend to be honest one in family and as a Good Citizen in Society.. as like as many people.
And i know that being honest in these days is like Burning Coal in Water.

It just makes no sense... Right...??
But i shall configure this part of Humans which is making the system corrupt.

If i dare to be brief, i shall share something today.

Once i went to a Government office to register my Date of Birth certificate. I submitted all the required documents as per instructed. I was asked to come and collect the Certificate after a Week exactly. so, i did go to collect the document and i received them with no pain.When i have gone through all the details, i found that there were some spelling mistakes in the Sur name(Family name). I needed it to be changed as soon as possible in order to apply for my passport. On the other hand, i took the errors in the document to the officer's notice.He explained me another process to remit the mistakes from it, which was obviously a time consuming process.

I immediately asked him

2 August 2014

A Deniable Story..!!

   Once upon a time, we lived in shapur nagar. It was double bed room.
One regular night, i was about to sleep and i covered my self with bed sheet to get warm.
As i was facing on to the ceiling fan, and i felt a low profile  knock on my tightened bed sheet.
I didn't give much attention thinking it was my mom. After a while, as my Eyelids were dying to hug each other, i got the same sense as before.
I rolled down it through my fore head, eyes until neck. It was quite unusual that there was none around me.
I drank water from my bottle which i dragged from down to my bed. After a while i felt like something was dragging my bed-sheet. My heart beat pounded like a Ascending drum beat. Undoubtedly my eyelids started to loose each other with laziness filled.
 When i got the vision crystal clear, what i saw was A male ghost.. It was roaming around me, i was calling my mom but she is not responding.

I screamed out "Mummy.... Daddy..." and they  came running to my room.

"I can see him..
 I can see him", I shouted.