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2 July 2014

Unfortunately, waiting for the answers...!!

As every one else, i do question myself many times as....
"How do i see myself after a few years?"

At prime, There is no guarantee that i would be alive by then.

We humans are so needy...
We don't know, whether we may be alive until next morning...
But we do set the alarm and sleep.

How is it possible?
-> Hope..!!

Let me tell you something...

How many incidents are we seeing daily?

  • Travel bus sets on fire and all 35 passengers gone ashes in sleep.
  • A 3-storey building collapses in pre-sunset hours, when all of the residents are in deep sleep.
  • A cruise sinks in the mid ocean and many sunk along with the ship to the ocean bed.
  • The people who hunt daily to fill their stomach are fishermen. Many die in that process of fishing.
  • People either going to their destinations or to some new place...economically many depend on railways.
         We tune into a news channel in random.
         And here comes flash news "xxxx express (or) yyyy passenger derails at some early hours while they            are in sleep."                                       (or)
         Some bogies are set on fire. Must be a short-circuit, says railway officials.

  • A village govt. bus slips into some valley or rolls with the river flow, when the passengers are in sleep.
  • Devotees going for a pilgrimage met with an accident at some place in late mid night hours, when they were in sleep.
One thing,
Whats with the bloody "sleep" and "death"..??
Is it a mistake to sleep in journey?
And what is the probability of a guy asleep when compared to others?
But even he is dead along with those people in sleep.

Why is the death rate always fighting with birth rate?
Every day, some one is loosing some one. Some one is delivering some one.

I can assure, surveys are never right.
I don't understand one thing,

The vehicles/trains/cargo ships which carry goods/machining/consumables have the least rate of meeting accidents or something like that..

When was the last time you saw a logistics vehicle/carrier fell into some valley..?
When was the last time you saw a goods train got derailed..?

Rare pieces...!! Right.
                                 You know, why?
                                                           Their preference is "SAFETY" at prime.
                                                                             Even though it's late, they never object.
                                                                                               Because, those things are damn costly..
Then, what is the cost of "LIFE"?
When a car-carrier can reach safely to its destination,
When a goods-train can reach safely to its destination,
When a cargo ship can reach safely to its delivery terminal...

                  Why can't a passenger train reach..??
                  Why can't a travels bus reach..??
                  Why can't a cab reach..??
                  Why can't a cruise reach..??

Some one said,
"You get the answers, only when you start questioning"

If that's right,
Unfortunately, i am one of the person who is waiting for the answers....