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20 July 2014

Random Thoughts 3

I had a rough day in my college and i reached home late and dirt.
I cant even think of going out with the salty layer on my skin.
I refreshed my self and stepped out of home, it starts with a slow walk till my stomach itches for hunger. 

During the walk my eyes would scan for my friends.
As soon as it finds one, my eyes widen up,
                                    my cheeks broaden up,  
                                    my lips open up,
                                                             calling out his name loud and informal.

That's the age of craziness.

                                         Least thought 
                                         Lot    done...

It was a "Just do it" Age...

Good or Bad..!!

There is meaning of meaning in our dictionary.
We never knew what dictionary meant exactly..

Even though our school gave it to all students in 5th Standard.

It always in the corner of  the shelf. It was always in the "Hit List of Selling the books" to my Mom eyes.
I used to insist all the time, making it a Bible of my Education.

Since then i did well in my academics but i did damn well in Extra Curricular Activities with my friends too...

The worst day in our school lives is Teachers Meeting.
  Teachers meeting would always end up with a big mess in my house.
Worst part was, 

           Teachers would complain about every student to their respective parent that "Your son is in the wrong companion of Friends"


I used to get wholesome of ramps on my back with a most powerful Weapon of Mother's from 1990's especially.

Guess what..?

"Broomstick" without any doubt.

for your kind information, 

"Leather belt" for Fathers. 
They take it so easily in aggression, stripping out of  their waist. 

Recalling those days makes my heart happy.

Every one got their own "Role" in a play called "Life".

Which part of it is memorable ...??
The boring moments always fade away.

The happiest are most.
The worst are most.

These both words, worst and happiest always do make a difference.
Whatever may be the output ...

You got to keep the Memory safe...

Heart is the safety locker for Memories....

Never loose the key of it, 
                                       Which is Eye. 
                                                              Just Capture....
                                                                                     Every Moment <3