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20 July 2014

Equity in Need, not in Greed..!!

Can you make some one happy?

If so, How?
If not, Why?

The question arises in every person.

"Greed" is touching the sky..
where "Humanity" lacks on Our Soil.

The sportive/challenging spirit between nations has led the human evolution into Revolution.

  • Technology boomed
  • Machines
  • Aeroplanes
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Ships 
             and many more has just erased the human effort with some great people effort.



Technology                   - -  >                                       Geology



The world "Logy" which denotes a field of study made a lot of difference with Technical assistance ending up as Technology.

In figuring it out..

                         We are killing ourselves.

We made ourselves as Groups,
                                   Nationalities, etc.,

We kept ourselves barriers between our lands.
And we are even fighting for those borders.

We put "Visa" immigration to identify ourselves in a foreign land.

No Freedom
Not at all...

Columbus would have never discovered India if he has the damn Rule of Visa.

But check it out here,

As there was a hike in "Explorers"
                      So as the "Pirates".

Neither you can sail in Water with freedom  nor fly in the sky.

  The rules and restrictions are made and shun by Us itself.

    That's the reason we had 2 World Wars so far.

We have "Treaties, organisations, summits" who is barely breathing for World Peace.

-> We even play as countries in many Sports events... " Soccer, cricket, F1, Golf, etc.,"
And Olympics/common wealth Games/winter Olympics etc., are hosted by each a time and participated in whole some.

-> We made the entertainment as Global.
     We are Hosting "Oscar" events in view of encouraging talent in Arts.

-> "Nobel Prize" in Recognition of the noble one around the world for their Effortless contribution in categories like

  1. Peace
  2. Economics
  3. Agriculture
  4. Science
  5. Literature
We made our own currencies..
We made the Foreign Exchange..

    That's "Tit for Tat".

We made Nuclear bomb and we itself formed "Anti Nuclear Treaties"

I always had a thought/idea of "whole world having same currency".

No Greed

No  Bleed

Know the Need and Feed.