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20 July 2014

Equity in Need, not in Greed..!!

Can you make some one happy?

If so, How?
If not, Why?

The question arises in every person.

"Greed" is touching the sky..
where "Humanity" lacks on Our Soil.

The sportive/challenging spirit between nations has led the human evolution into Revolution.

  • Technology boomed
  • Machines
  • Aeroplanes
  • Trains
  • Trams
  • Ships 

Random Thoughts 3

I had a rough day in my college and i reached home late and dirt.
I cant even think of going out with the salty layer on my skin.
I refreshed my self and stepped out of home, it starts with a slow walk till my stomach itches for hunger. 

During the walk my eyes would scan for my friends.
As soon as it finds one, my eyes widen up,
                                    my cheeks broaden up,  
                                    my lips open up,
                                                             calling out his name loud and informal.

That's the age of craziness.

                                         Least thought 
                                         Lot    done...

It was a "Just do it" Age...

Good or Bad..!!

There is meaning of meaning in our dictionary.
We never knew what dictionary meant exactly..

Even though our school gave it to all students in 5th Standard.

18 July 2014

I am Maradaani

A warm evening, Me and my friends have planned to visit their village.

we were colony friends.
we had tons of fun.
we do have many memorable events together to discuss and feel happy in the future.

BTW, we are 5 Boys
                      6 Girls and
                      1 Uncle :P
we are a GANG.

As i said, we planned to their village. we have started by 07:00 pm.

By 8' O clock we have reached Secunderabad railway station.
but not to board train ;) :P
Because the dual transport facility to their village is
Airways and Roadways.

lol :P
It is much of a dream.

2 July 2014

Unfortunately, waiting for the answers...!!

As every one else, i do question myself many times as....
"How do i see myself after a few years?"

At prime, There is no guarantee that i would be alive by then.

We humans are so needy...
We don't know, whether we may be alive until next morning...
But we do set the alarm and sleep.

How is it possible?
-> Hope..!!

Let me tell you something...