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2 May 2014

World Without A Woman...!!

World without woman...??What happens?Go down....
  •          All movies would be hero oriented or survival one.
  •          No more item songs.
  •          Scientists would die-hard 2 make biological implants or 2 improve tubing system
  •          No more fancy Stores
  •        "Gay"ism would be the only "ism"
  •         Marriages will go hilarious
  •         Pole dances would be done by guys
  •        Woman bodies / skeleton would be exhibited by opening new museums as now 4 dinosaurs.
  • 's links would lack hits.
  •         For Teens there would be no need of clearing the History from your Browser :P
  •         There would be no Hot Shoot of Calendars.
  •         Believe me, can ask what is Beauty Parlour?
  •         Demand for a Eunuch would be at high rate.
  •         Fashion TV would get a tag line as "Only for Men"
  •         The word "Rape" would be removed from Crime List or Crime news.
  •          Jewellery would lose its importance in-spite of usage to Idols
  •          Human race would go extinct in just matter of years.
  •          No more Gender Specification in any Application or Toilet doors.
  •          Red Light areas would Go Green.
  •          No more Cheer Girls in any of the Sport Leagues.
You might have laughed by reading the above lines.Excuse me Dear, It's not funny....

What i meant to say by above lines is to Stop
  •            Assaulting 
  •            Discriminating
  •            Killing
                                                             Respect her, when she is alive (y)