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8 May 2014

Random Thoughts -> 2

During my childhood and later on also. Sleeping on Top floor with an Open Sky.. during nights...

before sleeping , me staring at sky was always a common thing.

Some times, the stars would differ.

Day by day, they would differ in groups.

  • Sometimes less.
  • Sometimes more.

One fine night, i went to village to attend some function.

Post function..
That night, as i slept in veranda.. As always, facing the sky...
I was just staring...

That was the moment.
Numerous Stars..

I was splendid in happiness.

It was a "Wow Moment" for Me..!!

Mostly the wow moments occur when we see Beauty of  Nature with wide open eyes...
{For example:
                       Hill Top View
                       Beach or Ocean View of Sunset/ Sunrise, etc..,}

And coming to that night again.... During the watch on to the stars...

Out of curiosity, i asked my Dad.

->Why do we have less stars near our home?

he was laughing..
I was neutral.

he says so...
"Our own eyes cheat us"

"All over the world, the night appears in the same way. what all it matters is Climate.

And in a city, Reason is Pollution. As it's filled with smoke/gases.
So, its covered... No clear sky in city.

But in village.. Clear Sky..
Less pollution. So, the vision for clear sky is more."
                                                                            concludes Dad.

By listening to it.
I was damned.
My village is 700 km away from my hometown, "How come sky is same at both places?"
                                                                                                                                  Questioned myself.

I thought.. Dad was Wrong..!!

But later, i have confessed myself that, if my Son asks me..
I should answer the same.
Lol :D