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8 May 2014

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Pleasant Night

Sizzling breezes.

Just lying under the sky

Staring at the stars.

Making a Recap of those childhood moments...
You have tried to count the stars by lying under the sky.

Staring at Particular Star and in illusion you say- That's Venus :D
Reason would be...??

It's Moving.
ha ha..!!

And Next day by going to School, you say to your friend,

Dude i have seen the "Milky way" Galaxy last night.

"Really..??" he says.


It's the same sky,
           same stars.

But i have changed ,
      i have grown up.

But captured most of the moments from the moment i came into the real world.
Captured with the same eyes of Mine.

Just kept the Memory Safe.

                                        Quite memorable.

When your a Kid,

The theory of your Belief would be so Robust.

Now you think you were foolish.

After all you were a kid at that time ;)