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8 May 2014

Believe in You

Most of the times,
I feel like marriage is not meant for my life.

Even though i love some one from the bottom of my heart,

I don't feel marriage is the solution for soul-mate.

  • I have my plans
  • I enjoy my individuality
  • I develop my credibility
  • I should chase for it.

I know i am striving to Row but i'll make it for the shore. As Sailing goes on, so my Respiration.

How much time it may consume.
Until i stop breathing.
I'll not even think.

But most of the times, i keep on beating on my chest.. that "I should not be deviated"

To be frank, i never had a consistence regarding my Aim or Ambition.

I feel to become

  1. A Writer
  2. An Engineer
  3. Do Business
  4. To become an athlete in Archery
  5. To Go for F-1 Racing Coaching.

Much of some goals for an idiot like me ah..!! :D

What ever i may achieve further, i feel my family should be happy by gaining something called "Own".

What all we need is Peaceful Life.

     I believe Peace can be bought by Money mostly.

And you know how Prosperous and Peaceful life differ?

Prosperous = Enough money to live { Present & Future Tense ;) }
Peaceful     = With out any debts.

Why i am so concerned about it in particular means....
  I have seen much people.
In-fact, i was the victim to be open.

How people react/behave with respect to Money?
I've got much answers on this.

Own People leaving us in Need.

At a point of time, i was questioning my self...
Why my dad isn't getting the Respect, which used to flow on Rolls in Prosperity.

Then.. i have concluded my self.
                                                Nani, Even they are Humans.
Some are such nerds i say...

i hardly feel of my self respect, but any way felt damned.

But One thing to be reminded, dear "Reader"

                  "People who give Respect by seeing wealth are not good for your Health"

When you feel pissed off, Just take some medics to kill it but not You.

                         Be strong at all kinds.

                                                      Time's Running buddy.

                                              You will get it On time, as you should.

                                                             Believe in you
                                                                                             Your the only one for "You".