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25 April 2014

VOTE- Our only Weapon

Hi. I am Tarun from XXXX Constituency. I want to share something with you.

As it is time for elections. Think you are find Rallies all over the street, Flags of some party lying on ground, hearing those private songs in the name of the leader or some one, etc. etc.

 Did some one come to your home to give you a Palm plate with a small envelope?
If they gave you, did you take it or return it on their face?
Question yourself. Just once. 

For now, i want to elaborate this topic called Vote.

“Right to Vote” is one of our fundamental rights, as we have learnt them  from our standards. I should vote. Every vote matters.  But are you choosing the right candidate? What is on your mind? Is he the right person? No person is right. Think like, is he eligible to gain your vote?

It can be the change.

Many youngsters are influenced with Money/Liquor… for rally, Meetings, Marathons…. Mostly the college students.

He fills up your bike with a liter petrol for one Rally.. And of course it’s “Free”. Your quite happy for that moment. After he wins, he will cost you on 30 to 40% margin on your pocket money. Are u happy for that?

See nothing comes for free. If it comes, it wont last for long.

The Politician be from any Upper Caste, they spend money to Buy the Role and Earn during the Rule.
Then what are we doing?
Meditating the word Democracy?


Why cant you get such silly logic..??
“Even the fisherman feeds the fishes well and good before he catches the fish, cuts the flesh in order to fill his hunger.”

Taking another example,
"The Hen’s throat is made wet with water before it’s throat is cut”.
This is what our politicians do..
Here the Money is like Prey.

“Nonetheless are educated but are main reason for corruption”

“On other hand, if it’s an Educated Politician.. He/she would be the parable of SCAM.”

At present stage..
No party is good.
No politician is good.
No government official is corruption free.
They are filled with corrupted minds and what they do is corruption.

We Indians are always known to be Sentimental fools.
“If father is dead. His son comes to the throne.”
Nonetheless of his Scams/Crimes/etc… He can be free of jail in just a matter.
In return for this, People welcome him. 

Coming to film actors,
They have earned money good enough in their profession. They join a Party or establish a new one.
And shout a slogan.. I am born for the people”
Did he ever walk in a Market?
Any slum?
Any village?
Then, how come you say that line? Shut the mouth.

And to form Government.. One need highest seats as support. They move on with some local parties, to support them or get in return.
You can hear some, Meaning less voice-Slogans to get a good base.
I heard and got confirmed that one of the state well known party is giving daily “500 bucks” for the activists to participate in rallies and all other activities.
People are selfie's…
They are feeling quite happy for easy money.

The points which I wrote above are well known to you, if am not wrong.

                              “It’s not what you think what you think,
                                           What you analyse,
                                             Its what you do.”
                                                                                                    That  is all it matters.

Do the thing which makes you comfort on long.
Don/t think of short term happiness.
Once in every 5 years,
They come
They beg
They offer
They comfort
Remember, what all you heard from them goes in vain.

Even you will forget what they promised/swore.

One fine day after 4 years, when elections are about to come…
So called MEDIA. Some X channel telecasts a bulletin highlighting a point as below,

                          “Those promises swore by  X-MLA” but failed to do them.
                              So and so constituency people are unhappy.

They are showing interest in the new party or the Old Guy.

 By this you can understand that That X-Channel must be of Opposition leader one or might be highly bribed.
Finally they recommend you indirectly not to vote for the present guy. LOL.
It is like shuffling the seats.

I don’t know in which matter of concern, the constituency is written. 
But what’s running the People/Government/Firms/Projects/etc,. is Money.
                                                                                                                    Just Money.
Actually, we should earn money. But it reverse here.

Our only weapon is VOTE.Make sure that the Target is Accurate.

Elect the candidate on a Basis of your own theory. 
Some people Vote on the  basis of Caste, Regional feel, etc.. etc.. It's up to you.

Never go for Money. We are civilized.
We should know who can do justice.


                                          “Vote for a currency Note changes you Fate”

                                                                                                                    Mind it..!!