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25 April 2014

2 my friend in Paradise :(

    I met you as a co-incidence. 
          Together we had many moments which I would cherish in.

The price of buying the relation as of yours is impossible. But if I had knew that Destiny would cheat us by creating a guilty feel in each of Us that “ Pavan gadu unte bagundedhi ra, ee time lo” You made a mistake buddy. 

During our days, I would call you as “Nizampet” . When ever I go through that area  or college, makes me think of U.

If you were breathing in your Nostrills, last night at 12:00 AM. You would hear cracking sound of Eggs in your short / Hand marks on your back / Swell on your Bum. :P

 You would have ended up with Massive Birthday Bums for sure.

And where ever you are, let me tell you something. I Remember your Birthday only.
 Not the day you left us. Because, still I wont believe that deadly truth.

                                 “You’re always with us”

Body needs Pleasure
Soul needs Peace.

Heart fully, Miss you Buddy.
Your Family is Ours.

Just Rest in Peace.

“Your Absence is silence,
  But, Presence @ Soul”

                                                              “One Day I will meet you for sure in Paradise.”