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26 April 2014

kadha kaadhu vyadha..!!

Reyi kanundhi..

Intiki Raani Kuthuru...

Edhuru choopuki bedhuru..

Nadaka Modhalaindhi,

Cheethilo dheepam tho--> Korukundhi, Aarakudadhani intlo dheepam..!!

"Aakali medha unna kadupu ki ,
                                                Aaratam ekkuva.
                                                Aalochana thakkuva..!!"

Dhaari poduguna Raallu,
Akkadakada Mullu...!!

Aranyam anthati Andhakaaram,

                                               Raallu podichayi
                                               Mullu Guchayi...

Praanalu guppetlo,
Dhaachaga dhupatlo.

Aa kshanam lo..
Vinapadindhi Oo Gaavu keka...

25 April 2014

Pedhavaadi Naadi..!!

Kanti ki ledhu kunuku,

Potta kuti leni brathuku,

Chirigina chokka,

Cherigina juttu,

Chillu padina jebulu,

Thegipoina cheppulu,

Virigina Manasu..!!

Such a Beauty

Your a Jealous in Girl's Mind.

Your the Dream of Every Guy.

Your the Vision of Every Eye in the Street.

Your the Model of Style.

Your the Clearance of Every Immigration.

Your the Bell of every temple in the Heart.

Your the Queen of Queens.

When I'm with You

When i'm With You--
                               My Eyes Follow Your Moves.
                               My Eye Lids freeze out.

                              My Cheek Bone Warms Up.

                              My Ears are keen at your Voice.

                              My Nose Sniff's your Body Odor.

                              My Throat hardly remembers thirst.

                              My Lips always get Wet.

                              My Tongue spells your Name as Numerous.

                              My Hands Move in Air finding a chance to Touch You.

                              My Shoulder has quite Attraction towards your's.

                              My thigh's intend to Slide beside Yours.

                              My Feet taps to feel your Feet.

                              My Fingers Scribble to Touch your Hair.

                             My Palms struggle to Lock in Yours.

                             My Skin suffers from Goosebumps.

VOTE- Our only Weapon

Hi. I am Tarun from XXXX Constituency. I want to share something with you.

As it is time for elections. Think you are find Rallies all over the street, Flags of some party lying on ground, hearing those private songs in the name of the leader or some one, etc. etc.

 Did some one come to your home to give you a Palm plate with a small envelope?
If they gave you, did you take it or return it on their face?
Question yourself. Just once. 

For now, i want to elaborate this topic called Vote.

“Right to Vote” is one of our fundamental rights, as we have learnt them  from our standards. I should vote. Every vote matters.  But are you choosing the right candidate? What is on your mind? Is he the right person? No person is right. Think like, is he eligible to gain your vote?

It can be the change.

Many youngsters are influenced with Money/Liquor… for rally, Meetings, Marathons…. Mostly the college students.

He fills up your bike with a liter petrol for one Rally.. And of course it’s “Free”. Your quite happy for that moment. After he wins, he will cost you on 30 to 40% margin on your pocket money. Are u happy for that?

See nothing comes for free. If it comes, it wont last for long.

The Politician be from any Upper Caste, they spend money to Buy the Role and Earn during the Rule.
Then what are we doing?
Meditating the word Democracy?

2 my friend in Paradise :(

    I met you as a co-incidence. 
          Together we had many moments which I would cherish in.

The price of buying the relation as of yours is impossible. But if I had knew that Destiny would cheat us by creating a guilty feel in each of Us that “ Pavan gadu unte bagundedhi ra, ee time lo” You made a mistake buddy. 

During our days, I would call you as “Nizampet” . When ever I go through that area  or college, makes me think of U.

If you were breathing in your Nostrills, last night at 12:00 AM. You would hear cracking sound of Eggs in your short / Hand marks on your back / Swell on your Bum. :P