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31 January 2014

Mind it....

     I have grown up watching my dad’s struggle to run the family, to educate me and my sister. We have gone through different terrains.
    I still remember a lunch break from my childhood. I was waiting for my lunch basket as my mom said; she will carry it to us due to late Alarm call. Lunch bell rang; I came running to the gate, where all the baskets will be placed by the respective parents. I was searching for my basket in all the blocks. But I couldn’t find it. Finally, the column was All clear. I was just waiting for my mom.
   Watching me idle, my friends invited me for a share. With due faith on my mom, I negotiated. Slowly I was walking around the school premises. Finally the calling bell rang on time. But my mom wasn’t  on time….
    Finally went to the class. I was very hungry, but source less. After the 5th period, our Ayah came and called a name “TARUN”. I was damn tensed hearing my name. My friends in the back bench were peeping out like.. “Tarun, Your over” in a slang --> The famous Butler English of our times : D
    With all fear in my heart, I went down. Out of the clear blue sky, my mom was in my eyes. She took me to the sitting place, she fed me chapathi. I saw the love in the form of tears in her eyes…

                          Each drop was indicating a responsibility of mine to fulfill…..

That day the warm hug from her and voice asking….. “Did you feel hungry? 
I was just nodding my Head         (Which was always my sigh in confused situations).
     Another lunch break in my 7th standard.  Me and my sister, although went to home. But only to have precious Milk and a small pack of PARLE-G. 
   My mom was so weak that day. As I asked did u eat? She said “I am on a fast”. Even though I know, it was a lie. I kept calm.
   I don’t know why but I always had this silent state in my… Observing all things, but I never used to react. I have a glance of most of the memories from my childhood till date.

In this way every parent gives their children more than their best. 

    We the young generation/creepy minds, compare them to other parents, etc., we are dipped into the womb called Fashion, Forgetting the Womb from which you came :(

Basically, it is said that Water is Neutral in taste. But, the real taste of water is known in thirst.

The same applies in the matter of life. We will get to know their value, when they are gone into the same sand in which u played, which u ate in childhood… 

Remember a few things…
  • ·         Your dad wants you to be strong enough physically/ mentally.
  • ·         Your mom wants you to be healthy always.
  • ·         They bared you in every kind of situation.
  • ·         Their motto is patience.
·         We think they are superstitious in many cases.
                                                                    But they want you to be Well and good.

Some idiots blame their childhood and parents for what they are now.
                       It might be good or bad.
                                  That’s made by your own hands.

Most of the childhoods are disasters.

I read some where, 
                                    “Even Newton was a child once.”

You have the ability to transform your life.

Never blame parents or the childhood.

“Its like spitting on what you eat.”

There is a saying “It’s never  Late”
    For example: Bollywood actor- Boman Irani started acting at the age of “41Years”.
Now the world knows him.

In this way…
It’s always you.
To commit good or bad.
                    Win or loose.

Just live the moment.
Be righteous.

Turning point is like Blind Turn.
“None signifies the miracle during its deed. And once it’s done, there is no need of significance”
                                                                                         (A dialogue from a Telugu movie)
Ø  Don’t be MAD at your DAD.
Ø  No need to open the smart FEATHER before your MOTHER.

They always love you for what you are in Nature.

We are fully drowned in worldly pleasures.

But for one second, think who introduced you to this world.
  •   Who bought up you?
  •   Who fed you?
  •  Who taught you?
  • Who clothed you?
Never forget the one  who fed you in Hunger.
   Who filled your Thirst.

 Just for instance... think your children, treating you very badly in your aged times, think its worse than the way you treated your own parents in their old age.... 
Can u bear it..??

You cant even think it for a second.
We humans are always selfish in the matter of us.

But you know....

Life is always “Tit 4 Tat”
§  Good returns as good.
§  Bad returns as Bad.
                                                        Mind it....