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31 January 2014

Mind it....

     I have grown up watching my dad’s struggle to run the family, to educate me and my sister. We have gone through different terrains.
    I still remember a lunch break from my childhood. I was waiting for my lunch basket as my mom said; she will carry it to us due to late Alarm call. Lunch bell rang; I came running to the gate, where all the baskets will be placed by the respective parents. I was searching for my basket in all the blocks. But I couldn’t find it. Finally, the column was All clear. I was just waiting for my mom.
   Watching me idle, my friends invited me for a share. With due faith on my mom, I negotiated. Slowly I was walking around the school premises. Finally the calling bell rang on time. But my mom wasn’t  on time….
    Finally went to the class. I was very hungry, but source less. After the 5th period, our Ayah came and called a name “TARUN”. I was damn tensed hearing my name. My friends in the back bench were peeping out like.. “Tarun, Your over” in a slang --> The famous Butler English of our times : D
    With all fear in my heart, I went down. Out of the clear blue sky, my mom was in my eyes. She took me to the sitting place, she fed me chapathi. I saw the love in the form of tears in her eyes…

                          Each drop was indicating a responsibility of mine to fulfill…..

That day the warm hug from her and voice asking….. “Did you feel hungry? 
I was just nodding my Head         (Which was always my sigh in confused situations).