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29 November 2013

Wish i was born in the Past Generation.

Wish i was born in the past Ages.
Because, People call me now as an "Old Aged Guy"

helping the one in need is a good thing.
which should be versatile to coming generations.

"If someone is benefitted by Me...
One day i would also get a Hand... from some one, when i am in need."

A word called "Need"
it leads a human brain into dramatic and drastic things.
Some times it leads to a verge of Death too.

Need should never drive a Human.
It should always be in the control of "Us".

The day we come to know "Life" is important than "Things or Needs".
That would be the time of Realisation.

"The Real in You comes from Realisation"
{ Read somewhere ;) }

That day would be the Independence Day of the Human Man Kind.

And i would die as an Old aged guy by Saving a child from accident, rather than Watching him dead like a modern Guy.

The inner character can never be told by the Outer looks of a person.

"A Rich heart might be hiding  under a Poor Coat" :(