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16 November 2013

Fake Identity

Born          in Hyderabad.
Bought up in Hyderabad.
Schooligs  in Hyderabad.

Below middle class family.

Basically since i knew the world, I am a Christian.

I used to go to church on Sundays.
But for Government authorities, i am a HINDU.

In my 10th class, my Principal asked me what is your Religion?
Check out the details properly...
As, the below will be printed as it is.. on TC(Transfer Certificate).

I just wrote the blank as,
Religion : CHRISTIAN

After a few months, i got my TC and i took it to home. I think i was the only one who got his Ass kicked, after showing the "Transfer Certificate" to his Father.

In my Dad's Words...

You shouldn' t miss the Reservation Category.
Caste: SC- C
Religion: HINDU

If the above two details are as it is, only then i come under Reservation category.

In order to gain:
  • Scholarship
  • Sear allotment would be highly preferred.
  • Government Jobs. etc., etc.,
                                                 in a Simpler WAY.
What ever the person i am now.. was grown up, studied with all fake Infrastructure...??
Question itself freaks me out sometimes....

But Fake foundations bought up into a Real Thing.

I ensure that i am not Fake.
If i am fake...
I wouldn't have written this.

It makes a person Lazy.
Best example would be,
 "ME.... Myself"  ---> Tarun Puchakayala.
Dont say, it Depends on Mind set.
Most of them are same... Like ME :(

After Intermediate, wrote EAMCET exam.
My EAMCET rank was 1,87,000 change :D
and i would sit with a Guy with a rank of 22,000 change.
Funny it looks...
But its due to Reservation.

Thats the thing which is making many Young Minds Lazy....
The concept of Equality should be shown in Education.
At the end of the Day... Me and that Ranker got  Graduated from same college in the Year 2013.
But the difference is He scored 79% awith out backlogs.
and i scored 65.15% with 9-Backlogs in the past.

I didnt get a better college, But that Ranker got a worst college when compared to his Merit.
I pity this Education System.

It is half the reason for Loosing the Quality in Education.
As long it continues in the same way...
Fly over's collapse...
Trains derail...
Ships sink...
Aeroplanes collapse...

Engineering & Religion---??

                                                    My Foot _|_