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8 November 2013

A Letter With Feel

I cannot say why I love her.
I cannot specify a reason
I cannot notify a quality
I cannot signify a feature.
But I love her..
 I just love her….
I am so... So... Madly in love with her.
It’ s unconditional.
When I stay in her eyes, I can look and feel the love she has towards me.
But when I am out of her eyes, she avoids me.
Doesn’t receive my call, reply my texts.
She just ignores me, in order to forget me. As, she strongly believes that Caste and creed, doesn’t  let us 2 marry.

But when would you know that if anything happens to U, I do come…. not God :(
Pity Your decision.
You’re quitting so openly.

And when you know all of this, why did u open up yourself that u have feelings towards me…??
Why did you cry by holding my hands so tightly?
Didn’t u feel anything when I placed your arm on my Heart?
Didn’t you feel the beat telling “I <3 U”
Didn’t you feel anything…??
It’s very painful now…
I can’t bear this…
I can never be some ones, rather than you.
I would be waiting for you lifelong.
 Just tell me that one word which you want 2 tell and you couldn’t tell,
 I will fight the world to get you <3

---> 2 my Jockey which suits me well.

From your Mike <-------