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29 November 2013

Wish i was born in the Past Generation.

Wish i was born in the past Ages.
Because, People call me now as an "Old Aged Guy"

helping the one in need is a good thing.
which should be versatile to coming generations.

"If someone is benefitted by Me...
One day i would also get a Hand... from some one, when i am in need."

A word called "Need"
it leads a human brain into dramatic and drastic things.
Some times it leads to a verge of Death too.

26 November 2013

Human <=> Nature

A Human?
Only one?
Why only one?
ok. I agree.
Why not?
I think its not One.
Damn, Your absoulutely right.
It's not just "A Human".
But there are many who are settled in my Mind and attached to my Heart.

There are many to whom i would be Obliged for.

16 November 2013

Fake Identity

Born          in Hyderabad.
Bought up in Hyderabad.
Schooligs  in Hyderabad.

Below middle class family.

Basically since i knew the world, I am a Christian.

I used to go to church on Sundays.
But for Government authorities, i am a HINDU.

In my 10th class, my Principal asked me what is your Religion?
Check out the details properly...
As, the below will be printed as it is.. on TC(Transfer Certificate).

I just wrote the blank as,
Religion : CHRISTIAN

After a few months, i got my TC and i took it to home. I think i was the only one who got his Ass kicked, after showing the "Transfer Certificate" to his Father.

Naa Vinnapam...!!

Nee dhooram, chesindho Neram...

Moyanandhe ee bhaaram..!!

Manipodhu naa gunde pai padina Gaayam...!!

Thelusukunna, ninnu vidichi undalenu anna... Oo Nijam...!!

Dhevudu korukomani isthe oka Varam...

Vinalanukunta Nee Swaram...!! <3 <3 <3

Vechi chusthu :*

Gunde Thalapulu therachi...
Lopaliki raave...??

Ennallu aa baadha ni, Prema ni
neelo ne daachesthaav...??

Aakariki ee roju bayatapaddav :D :*

Thodu koruthu, veeduthu..
Nannu vadhili vellina kshanam,      
Ghadiyaaram lo ledhu anukunta...!!

Nee raaka kayi edhuru chustha..
chusthu nee unta...

14 November 2013


Manishi aasha jeevi
Brathuku medha theepi epatiki appudu
Technology laga Upgrade avthune untundhi....!!

Kanthi ivvani dheepam gumman bayata unna
lopala unna theda undadhu..!!

Assa leni jeevi,
kanthi leni dheepam lanti vadu...!!

Aasa undochu gani
athyaasa kadhu...!!

Athyasa unna jeevi,
Gaali lo pettina dheepam..!!
eppudu aaripothundho thelidhu,
alaa ani velugu kuda ekkuva sepu ivvaledhu...
Kani untundhi anthe...!!

Hold on To Your Heart

When you come to know that,
the person whom your loving doesn't have such feel on you....

What your gona do?

Love them some more...
                       more and more...
                  much more....

Till the end..
Till your last breath.

13 November 2013

A Bold Voice

A warm evening, I got an invite from my friends to visit their village for a couple of days. Every invite from them was an open letter to me. I used to be eager to to know the place and time.

we are colony friends.
we were swimming in fun.
we do have many memories in our eyes and souls to project later and drag happiness to that moment. May be in the future.

BTW, we are 5 Boys,
                      6 Girls and
                      1 Uncle. :P
we are a GANG.

As I said, we planned to their village. we have started by 07:00 pm.

By 8' O clock we have reached Secunderabad Railway station.
but not to board train ;) :P
Because the dual transport facility to their village is
Airways and Roadways.


lol :P
It is much of a dream.

At this juncture, roadways was the only left out choice.

So, to get to the bus stop...
we were walking and forgot to mention... only 6 of our gang members are going.
3 Boys
3 Girls.

As we thought everything was normal at that moment,
the next moment itself proved us that "Time Changes". As something happened abnormal over there.

As on, i was starring at all the people. All of a sudden i saw a person who tried to snatch a chain from a neck, which is of Our girl.

By the time i looked back, Sathya and Abhi were kicking his Ass. I got the whole thing recorded in my brain and i replayed it keenly. Got that i gave my contribution to the thief :D

Now the real thing started, a cop came into the action after seeing the crowd. As on we were explaining the situation to him, the police patrol took a break by looking at the crowd.

That' s the moment i got fixed so blindly that...

"These guys just came into Action,
 to expose their Over action."

Even the thief was pretending quite normal and created situation towards him.
One of the cop asked, who all bet the thief..??
Abhi and Me raised both the hand and voice :P

Immediately they made us rush into the Police van :(

We were sitting next to the thief and he was starring at us like, as if we have disappointed his Theft plan.
Abhi gave him 2 shots in a seconds gap in a frustrated stage.

Now enters the Bold Woman.

  • She is named as Niharika.
  • 5,2 height.
  • Reddish white.
  • Curly hair.
  • Pale in look.
But i can say.. She got the Voice.
                                                  Voice against Injustice.

I do remember each and every question she asked to the head "Cop"....
Here are a few...
  1. Is this the justice your doing for a Woman?
  2. If a thief tries to snatch a chain from your wife, do u give police complaint after he gets caught red handed ..?? or kick him like anything on the spot?
  3. We, woman how could we come to police station at these late hours..??
    there is no rule which says so...
  4. Why should we get into the van after experiencing a theft trial?
Damn, she was out of box that day.

I knew her all those days as a silly, childish, joyful GIRL.
   But on that day, i saw a Bold woman in Her.

It came out when she knew that... her near one's are going to be blamed without any mistake.
That's the moment i was so keen to see such boldness in every girl...
who are all being assaulted, eve teased,..etc..

Finally, she made Us get down of the "VAN", with her bold voice.

She grabbed that whole incident into her hands.
At the end of the day, i want to configure that 
"Such voice filled with Boldness and fire...  
                                                               is hidden in every Girl/ Woman."

Let the voice break its barrier when time comes.

It might lead to a Revolution also.

Use it even for the society when needed, That gives a boost up to many Young Woman.

It can be an Inspiration.

"Raise the Voice, 
Against the Noise."

This is written as a part of I am Mardaani activity exclusively at for Indian Bloggers.

12 November 2013

Goal 2 Achieve

When you set a Target,
the process you make to reach it, should be in a disciplined manner.

A friend may pull your leg,
A girl may draw your attention.
A parent may lack in trusting you,,,

But, you got to keep this in view that... 
  • Getting up and running even though a Friend pulls your leg.
  • A Girl should not be an asset in any cause. It swallows your precious TIME.
     Her image should stop at EYE itself.                     
  • With Parents, trust should be earned.

"Set an Ultimate Goal,
 to achieve Your Goal."

8 November 2013

A Letter With Feel

I cannot say why I love her.
I cannot specify a reason
I cannot notify a quality
I cannot signify a feature.
But I love her..
 I just love her….
I am so... So... Madly in love with her.
It’ s unconditional.
When I stay in her eyes, I can look and feel the love she has towards me.
But when I am out of her eyes, she avoids me.
Doesn’t receive my call, reply my texts.
She just ignores me, in order to forget me. As, she strongly believes that Caste and creed, doesn’t  let us 2 marry.

But when would you know that if anything happens to U, I do come…. not God :(
Pity Your decision.
You’re quitting so openly.

7 November 2013

Pogadalsina Andham

Thamara puvvu virusthundhi,
nee navvu chusi...!!
vennela aina bosipodha,
nee andhaniki..!!

Nallani aa kurula chaatuna dhaagunna kalla nu,
 chudataniki parithapisthundhi ee veeche gaali...!!

Matti kuda thaakandhe
oorukodhu, nee paadhanni...!!

Nee champa erugadhu,
kanneti thadidhanam...!!
Vyadha kai ochina
kaneeti chukka kuda avthundhi, oo Muthyam..!!

Sandhram lanti nee premani,
thelusukunna vaadu....
Neelakasam ye hadhu ga.... <3 <3