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13 October 2013

_/\_ G!rL

A life is given by her.

    She can be called life giver.

         Without her, there is no world.

               Without her, Human species goes extinct.

As per Bible.

  God made woman by taking out a rib bone from man using sand.

It says,

1. It is not good for a man to be alone.

2. Man and Woman, go and multiple.

3. Make your species grow and use whole land and water on Earth.

Girl used to be a princess, at all times until and unless people remembered Moral values.

She used to lead very happy life.

But once He got dictator mind set.

Man started showing domination on woman.

    1. Until then, Man and Woman used to share each and every word.

    2. Man/Woman  together used to hunt for food to survive.

As civilization began.

    Man got control over Woman.

        Hence, restricting her to few things or kitchen itself in many cases.

"It's quite abnormal for me seeing Her down to Him in the society."

Don't you ever think that I’m a Feminist...

Nope, I am Neutral.

I am a Common Man.

It's my concern about her in society.

        "I do have a Mother and a Sister."


1. The reason or cause would be either money or GIRL..

There is a saying,

"Girl itself is the enemy of a Girl."

       The reason behind it would be either things or Man..

She used to have an equality.

But now if they come to know that born baby is a Female, they are killing her or the Mother who gave birth...

 This is not what civilized people do.

Now we are in such a worst situation, that some voluntary organization or some government organizations are undertaking

                 "SAVE GIRL CHILD" Campaigns..

       It's a shame on us.

**We fighting to protect our own Species"**


1. SHE is very sensitive..

2. SHE will be a   # BABY,
                           # GIRL,
                           # WOMAN.

# Being a baby, she is the Princess of her dad.
        At this stage maximum babies are safe....

# when she turns into a girl.
   Now starts the real Life/story.

   Until she gets matured.

--> She is childish and busy in playing, learning....

After she gets matured....

--> Rules and regulations from family.
--> Sexual harassment from any one it might be.
--> Eve teasing.
--> They are given steroids and being used as Prostitutes.
--> Some are trapped emotionally.
       Many young "GIRLS" are sent into brothels in younger stage only.

--> Getting raped...

 Where ever you see...

       She is being humiliated/

What for...??


You... so & so called "HE".

If u ever get tempted or if you have so much Lust hidden in you.....

Go for a prostitute....

  "Even She is a Prostitute"

Whether to feel good or bad after conveying the above statement.

-->But am telling you see, you’re the real prostitute...

       The one who is killing
                               Humiliating....--> Her for No reason except with some Blind LUST.

That's all I can say.

Gandhi said that

"India gets real independence when a woman walks on road during Midnight."

 The recent Delhi incident is still scrolling in front of my eyes....

     SHE is left nude on road...

None cared.....

The incident took place in morning itself...

 If Gandhi was alive, He would include the word "DAY TIME" in that saying of His (Gandhi).....

# When she turns into a "Woman"....

  *She should get married.
  *Make children....

  Among those children Baby "GIRL" should not be there...

Reason: 1. Guard her all time carefully.

             2. Main thing is "Dowry", it should be given for sure....

             3. Even though she goes along with Dowry to her in-laws home....

If, in-laws family members are Money minded loafers....

     She will be tortured in different ways, until they are satisfied....

     Some kill her and get caught.

     Some kill her and make it into a suicide,

     It isn’t good.

     She always has a miserable life....

 ** S"HE" itself has "HE" in her **

It's not the right way to treat her.

--> SHE should be respected

SHE has the Motherly nature
                    Friendly nature
                    Childish nature..... Each and every nature of a woman comes out as needed.

She is mother

She got into each and every Public/private sector.

As we got Human rights and little humanity left in many of us.

She is still surviving....

I give Respect. 

To you, so & so called HER/
What about You..?