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13 October 2013

_/\_ G!rL

A life is given by her.

    She can be called life giver.

         Without her, there is no world.

               Without her, Human species goes extinct.

As per Bible.

  God made woman by taking out a rib bone from man using sand.

It says,

1. It is not good for a man to be alone.

2. Man and Woman, go and multiple.

3. Make your species grow and use whole land and water on Earth.

Girl used to be a princess, at all times until and unless people remembered Moral values.

She used to lead very happy life.

But once He got dictator mind set.

Man started showing domination on woman.

    1. Until then, Man and Woman used to share each and every word.

Under The Umbrella

One of the busiest city in India...
The word "busy" is meant for the people in Mumbai...
In our city, if it rains....
we just skip our works...
But here, both the Rainy day and sunny day are always same in the matter of work.
I can see....
  • Women bringing their children by carrying the school bags on shoulders.
  • Children enjoying the rain, with  their rain coats on..
  • College girls, got ready so posh even to have a walk in rain being under umbrella.....
You have to believe this...