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4 August 2013



Being always your back and kicking your ass in a hardcore way.

That's wierd to hear but FACT ;)


Starting from ICE-PICE, KILLIKAT,LEG TOUCH,etc.....

We had many games together....

had lots of fun...

* We the Perfect Generation who enjoyed/Experienced each n every thing....


  • WWF cards
  • Pokemon Cards
  • Boomer tatoos
  • TV Video Games
  • Popoy the Sailor Man
  • Bob the builder
  • Cycle Rides
 We had eaach n every fun.... hope our's was the exact generation.

There were days which Many of us would skip Assembly to watch POKEMON ( 8:00am to 8:30am) daily.

*And if Ganesh Chathurdhi comes, all 9 evenings @ Ganesh stage near Chethakundi Shop :D 

On 9th day, following the VAN with the IDOL for Prasadham and again coming to front and Dancing :D

Those days were awesome.....

No fear that some one would see or some one would think in a nad way or something like that....

No ego,nothing....

we were Childish but That was the best thing and best age group.
  where we had no gender feelings......
    Sitting beside a GIRL/BOY is a common thing in that age....

And during Elacution/Essay writing competitions....
That was another Fun time to listen awesome Speeches.
Most horrible Elacution time was always "HINDI ELACUTION"
Padith sir would sit back to us.

It was like getting your ass kicked by your self if u enrole ur name in  competition because of some "Ijjath Feeling" :P

*And later on v came to 8th class...

Drama starts....

*Many of our old friends left to another Branch of our school with IIT drama.

and many intelligents came to our School who bought PORN to us ;) :D

# Senthil sir's awesome math lectures

# Sailaja teacher's sleepy physics classes

# Saroja teacher's "I'll see your END" Statement.
And as per the given statement once she gave us a high level coating with ARVIND leather belt :( :D

#Subadhra Teacher's anonymous class(we can do wat ever u want... Mostly we would complete our BOLOGY homework)

#Renuka teacher's TROJAN WAR  awesome story.....

# But drastic thing was Laxmi teacher's  "Tradition of pinching on Thighs" :( :'(

Sorry if i missed any....

Gave stage performances many times

Dancing bare body  with just a short for "GOLIMAAR MAAR MAAR song" :D

I remember very well, once for a Group dance my partner was "Preethi" :D

* And one more awesome thing was our "NIGHT CLASSES"
   Me and Kailash were the sponsors for Krishna reddy's Hunger :(

Most wierd thing ever happend in my life was....

* Me & Mahendar Reddy(The Giant boy) were left Nude in staff room bathroom,

that idiot Mubeen took away our Clothes and locked the main door :( :'(

Happy thing was he returned atleast after an HOUR.

* Many love stories....

Idiotic Blackmail raayudu's among our class itself.

* Many crushes <3

But never came out, only few know such top secrets.

What ever it might be or how much we enjoyed together,
now very less of us are in Contact.

Some girls got married but sad thing was "We never got an invitation atleast"

Am least bothered about it but some times i do feel so......

thats it.

Any ways i just got remembered all my schoolings and every frnd of mine...

you thought me some or other thing in my life.

Love you all....

Happy Friendship day :)

Remember "You will rarely get a friend who always finds Loop holes in You and tell u frankly so that u may rectify and change it"

Never loose such friend....

"Har ek friend

zaroori hotha hai"

Forgive me if i hurt any of U....

and i always do so....

Life is very short, i dont dare to miss some least moment with any of them.

hope u also in the same way :)