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16 July 2013

Teenage A Gift

   A person-male/female's  age is mainly defined or estimated by looking their features. 

   As its all ready said, "Every human is a Learner" We can learn many things at any age. But we can study with dedication in only one Age. i.e., Teen-Age.
It's preferred as a gift to a human.

Because there is a lot possibility for a human to grasp, motive and the enthusiasm to know something new.
Its the first stage of success.

  • 13-19 years is known as Teen-Age.
  • Six years of Life span.
  • Many works.
  • Many relations.
  • Many confusions.
  • Many complications.
Its the perfect age to learn wither good or bad.

But according to my opinion, its better to prefer a righteous way.

       "Teenage Love's are nothing but 
          Just like water drops on plant leaf".
Because a drop looks shiny, beautiful only when the leaf is green or healthy. If leaf dries up, Drop doesn't exist.

In same way, Love exists only till the heart keeps faith locked so deeply.But if once the faith is dropped, Love is dead at that second.


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