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16 July 2013

Life & its Theme

Life, its a gift given by birth to each and every human being on this earth by god....
But to what extent he takes it, is totally in one' s own hands.

Life is personally composed of many things. such as:
  • Personal
  • Social 
  • Parental
  • Old Aged
First of all Life means to be a Responsibility.

Ones own life story written by themselves is said to be Auto Biography and
the same written by some other person is said to be Biography.
My concept is          

                                     "Where ever you go
                                       Leave your Mark....."
If you live a life, it should be some what meaningful....
It comprises of love, hatred, sorrows, miss understandings, gain , loss, win, lose,etc..,

Life is nothing but "Jeevam", Each and every organism has life on this earth..
But Mental ability is only given to the humans...
so, keeping that in view.. we should lead a happy, respectable, successive, responsible life...

If i will be writing in the same manner,, i hope i can up-to half a book on my own.
But remember, the main Theme of Life is
                                                                   "LIVE & LET LIVE"


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