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18 July 2013

Am i the Passing cloud..??

Clouds are passing so fast in the sky..

While passing on, they are not passing silently....

  • Either it showers rain by which flora and fauna are still extinct.


    It gives us some relief, mainly during day times and fulfills our thirst.
So, every passing cloud is important....

  • It might give something for your life....

Question is, Am i the Passing cloud...


                   The people who have been coming into my life.....??

Am i the Benefactor...


          the Beneficiary....??

Damn, i really feel good.

*  If i am the passing cloud for some one.... then i am either teaching them a lesson or leaving a Memory 2 them....

* If they are passing clouds for me...??
         In this way also i am benefited.

I might be getting a good lesson or a nice memory.

What all i need to have to live brave enough/ good enough is

                                                                                                    " Attitude...."

                                                                     I have more than