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30 July 2013

Oo na priya Sakhi....!!

Kanula pai adhaalu, dhaachayi thana premanu....
Kanula pai adhaalu, dhaachayi thana premanu....!!

Vonti payi chamata dhenuvulu, vyekthaparachayi cheppaleni bhaavalanu......

Edhi emaina, enthaina....

Naa sakhi...

Nenunna neeku bhaaki.....

18 July 2013

Am i the Passing cloud..??

Clouds are passing so fast in the sky..

While passing on, they are not passing silently....

  • Either it showers rain by which flora and fauna are still extinct.


17 July 2013

First Love

           Love, The magic which happens once in a life time. You may ask me, why once in a life time? There is something called " First Love".
           "First love", a true feel with no ego's, no hatred, no nothing.... what all emerged in it is A true feel called LOVE.
            Me, myself had a love story. There is a saying called "Love is Blind". I don't know who said it or why the hell it was said.... But the way it was said resembles in some or others Lives.
            As per my concern, why it is said in that way is- None can say when can it happen, on whom it may happen,what for it may happen...
            Irrespective of caste, creed, colour, height,age,etc.... It just happens,only once... At this juncture you will dare for anything. One more important thing is, "I do know that i'am good for nothing". But my heart says to do something which is not intimated by my Brain. what ever be the thing it is... You just feel to do... that's it. If you come to know that it's the stupidest thing, which you have ever done... In that case, you would talk to yourself that "Good Job, dude....You have done something which other person shrinks to do or other person fail to do...." What ever be the factor, you will make it into positive one.
 Shall i tell you some deeds in My first Love....

16 July 2013

Teenage A Gift

   A person-male/female's  age is mainly defined or estimated by looking their features. 

   As its all ready said, "Every human is a Learner" We can learn many things at any age. But we can study with dedication in only one Age. i.e., Teen-Age.
It's preferred as a gift to a human.

Because there is a lot possibility for a human to grasp, motive and the enthusiasm to know something new.
Its the first stage of success.

  • 13-19 years is known as Teen-Age.
  • Six years of Life span.

Life & its Theme

Life, its a gift given by birth to each and every human being on this earth by god....
But to what extent he takes it, is totally in one' s own hands.

Life is personally composed of many things. such as:
  • Personal
  • Social 
  • Parental
  • Old Aged
First of all Life means to be a Responsibility.

Ones own life story written by themselves is said to be Auto Biography and
the same written by some other person is said to be Biography.
My concept is