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29 April 2013

Caste or Life...??

I’m a Man, common man.

Just like all other youngsters/friends having desired goals,
compromising in many things with below trade line financial status. A man/woman who ease to mingle with others in very less time, helpful and is not selfish in nature…. He/she, who attracts people so fastly, can make more friends in less time. Until and unless people find something interesting in him/her, they will not get patched up.
     Today, Jan 14th 2013, my soul couldn't tolerate any of the consequences araised by my friends towards me. I want to raise up a question today.
In our country, when a person wants to get married, they do just check out their castes, etc… at the same time when a child has met with an accident, and he is in need of blood…. At this juncture they doesn't care of any caste/Religion….All they do need is his/her ‘s  son/daughter life in the form of blood.

     So, what I conclude by this question is that people with bloody superstitious, self minded do see caste/religion/colour of the other gender in marriages, some other issues….

     But when it comes to health or death matter… his/her family members just do post in FACEBOOK that, “Emergency of B+ve blood at Apollo from any human.” Isn't that right…?? If the donor comes to the patient’s family members to Apollo and ask them the caste certificate to donate blood na…!! If the donor comes to know that their both castes doesn't match up, undoubtedly the patient over there would get Death certificate : P

      I’m happy that not all the youngsters do care about castes/Religious in all matters. This article is meant to create a little awareness and mainly to enlighten the future…, irrespective of caste and creed…..

Wake up India….
Wake up Young India….

Either Black/white, caste/colour doesn't matter when it comes to the matter of death/life………

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