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29 April 2013

Caste or Life...??

I’m a Man, common man.

Just like all other youngsters/friends having desired goals,
compromising in many things with below trade line financial status. A man/woman who ease to mingle with others in very less time, helpful and is not selfish in nature…. He/she, who attracts people so fastly, can make more friends in less time. Until and unless people find something interesting in him/her, they will not get patched up.
     Today, Jan 14th 2013, my soul couldn't tolerate any of the consequences araised by my friends towards me. I want to raise up a question today.
In our country, when a person wants to get married, they do just check out their castes, etc… at the same time when a child has met with an accident, and he is in need of blood…. At this juncture they doesn't care of any caste/Religion….All they do need is his/her ‘s  son/daughter life in the form of blood.

28 April 2013

Despicible LoVe

Fucking love….

Girl loves a boy.
Boy loves a girl.
But dumping is quite common….
but if either one is sincere or heart full among them….
that particular person faces the real hell….

Did u ever feel like something heavy weight on your heart….??
I can say that’s the moment your heart is filled with many sorrows, and u don’t even know whom to share with, whom to trust, u feel to cry like hell but u couldn't….
that’s the hell of a moment….
Facing such situation never draws u back into the same problem…
That’s for sure….
if at all it happens…..
You’re a big fool….

, what is love…?

Love is sex and the city in this generation, roaming the city with pocket full of money and getting satisfied with what u want sexually….
and dumping him/her at some juncture….!!

Is that love…??

Fuck u…

what many people do is…??
I would like to tell how they blame relationships.
Friendship, love, parent love, humanity, pet love,etc.,
Human being, uses any relation to get his work done.
It might be in any way….
He/she doesn't care till how long that small mistake drags one’s life into…

Firstly to get a girl, he uses a death worthy name called friendship.
Later on to make it work out as love,  it takes time.
If it works out, then a new relation starts.
The word with which they name their relation is LOVE.
Later on they drag it to the physical relation.

After everything happens, one fine day, I’ll ask my friend

“How is your girlfriend dude…??

The answer which comes from his mouth is the answer which comes only from his mouth, not from heart….
finally the answer would be, “BREAK UP DUDE...."

"ufff…!! What the hell is the reason for your break up..?" I asked

Answers would be the following……

  • He/she cheated me. 
  • He/She used me.
  • There is no proper understanding.
  • I loved sincerely, but he /she dumped me.
  • Communication problem.
  • Parents are the reason; they won’t be on earth if we Elope.

Fuck u idiots...
then why the hell did u love….?
sorry, that’s the wrong question….
Why the hell did u use these many relationships….??
Isn't that necessary to blame these many relations. 
Seeing these all, some people are not even daring to love even though, they want him/her heart fully.

The matter of love is buried under a layer called “NEED”
Human needs are many.
One does anything to acquire anything.
Some people are forgetting easily thinking it as trend, generation with some positive attitude.

But other sector humans are unable to bear such pain.
Loosing hope in all sides, even though they do have chances. He/she doesn't even think or dare to grab that chance.
What so u think the reason is…??

            “That must be love… that will be love….”
That’s the reason which drags for suicides, mental tensions.., some become mentally handicapped.

The person who is physically handicapped lives his life in some way.
But once think of it, “if one of  your family member daily struggling with his life, beating up on his heart by getting mentally handicapped….”
If any one gets handicapped physically, reason would be either his carelessness or the other person’s cruel nature…..

But if a person gets mentally handicapped, the reason would definitely be “the matter of trust."

Entha Oka manishi Ni nammi, preminchi, theginchi, kolpoyi, unteee……
oka manishi alaa pichi vaadu avthaadu….”

Playing with one’s emotions definitely drags a person into two ways.
Either he gets psycho.
or a coward.

"Loneliness drives a person crazy"

Never, ever do it……
Emotions are there to be felt.
Morals are there to be followed.
Relations are meant to be a state of being.
As it should be always.

With the present situation in society, a human is changing his mindset into the negative side.
My question is why he should..? Once if he/she thinks of it, they will get to know why they are into that way….!!
Seeing some people being addicted to drugs n all… I feel pity!!
Frankly, I feel pity.
They don’t want to cry, or don’t want to make those memories get into their mind again. Or they don’t want those memories to disturb their heart and mind.
They just keep on taking into body.

Nothing man, what all it does is… it kills you 15 years earlier….. May be even Earlier in some cases :(

My question is…
why do U spend so much money to Die…?

Spend it to live.
To Live, money is not the only Primary thing. But you need it.
On the contrary,
U need guts, self confidence, aspiration, dedication, intelligence, etc….
Each and everything goes on building together.

LIVE   the LIFE.

                               You’re the one….

LIFE comes only once…
what ever shit u make, you do have a chance to clean it up.
Because you’re a human being and you are still breathing.
Being a human is not a small thing, its vast.
No one leads a perfect life.
In the same way Leading a perfect life is not hard.
It becomes hard when u think its hard.
Thinking it as more harder.. makes your mind still weak, finally to quit.

And one more thing, whatever shit may happen.
If it comes to the matter of life….
What do u do…??
They leave it….

Leaving the life for life…..why so…??
In this sentence I can tell you two meanings for “life”.
As they do have many.
Life primarily tells u to live, to breathe,….

The other one says to live the life in any way, doing any idiotic thing,  how it finally becomes to them is…
Living their own life itself becomes a challenge for them. Life as a challenge is a good thing but that challenge leads to enormous things. If, i go on saying this, it takes my life to complete it.

Wearing a T -Shirt printed as “BEING HUMAN” doesn't make you human, but it rather tells U in reverse to be a HUMAN, when u face the mirror.

                                                   Written by

                                                                                  Tarun Puchakayala